A Thank You From Sen. Feingold

Many of you let me know how you felt about Sen. Feingold’s 1st appearance on my radio show last week. The Senator did return the next day as he agreed to a lengthier interview. It was a welcome surprise to receive the following note from the Senator last Friday.



I was sorry to have to cut our conversation short on Wednesday, and I really appreciated the opportunity to come back on your show on Thursday to continue our discussion.  Your show is such an important forum for everyone who cares about what’s going on in Milwaukee,  and I enjoyed the chance to talk more about creating jobs, improving job training and health care, and other issues of concern to your listeners. In particular, I intend to follow up to push for minority contractors to get a fair shot at contracts on the new high speed rail line going in here in Wisconsin, which will help generate jobs in our state. And I’ll continue to oppose the unfair trade deals that have taken so many good jobs from Milwaukee and shipped them overseas. I am absolutely committed to helping generate more economic opportunities for the African-American community, which has been so hard hit by this recession.  We’ve got to do more to help revitalize Milwaukee’s economy and bring good-paying jobs back to this community. Again, thank you for having me on the show this week, I look forward to coming on again soon.


Russ Feingold
United States Senator