3 thoughts on “imagejpeg_2_36

  1. I have run 20 of these things but I never thoguht about running commentary. I want to hear the commentary at mile 23. My hats off to you for not just running the thing but doing video throughout.

  2. i’ve never commented on your blog beofre, but i read it often. I was just thinking how in some of your posts you wonder how you can change the world.. but i think you are doing a wonderful job just through this. i am reminded when looking at your photos of the simple life that i always keep coming back to but often get caught up in other stuff. it reminds me what is at my core and what is most important, and then i am lead again that way, in turn i help guide my family in that direction.. so just like a stone thrown into the river causes ripples so does this blog and your words.. so thank you! (oh and maybe i have commented once, when you were coming to utah to do pic’s)

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