6 thoughts on “IMAG0466

  1. I am very new to beekeeping but have an etixnicg story to tell. I am an American living in Japan and have built a traditional Japanese bee hive. I have been able to lure a natural bee swarm into my hive? by using bee wax and a KENYOUHEN orchid. I am very excited about growing my hive and collecting honey. I want you to know that your videos are beautifully produced and very informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  2. Just got back into town. I don’t think the New Post button came to town with me. Of cosrue, I don’t see no tool bar, neither.I’m going to register, and see what happens. If y’all never see me again, lay down some beer cans like bread crumbs, and lead em under the porch. Maybe I can find my way home!Ok, I’m going in

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