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  1. Denise says:

    I am a fist time listener of your show and you were making the comment on “drug testing people that receive assitance” What is so wrong with that? Why shouldn’t they? Is it not taxpayer dollars that funds that program? Taxpayers are the ones that have to get drug tested when we apply and get offered a job and keep a job? I can understand if a Dr. prescribes meds but illict drugs use no and caught with it or using they should be cut off. When people ask the government for a helping hand they have to play by those rules. If you want to do drugs then by all means do so but dont ask the govenment to give you a hand out. If you werent doing illcit drugs in the first place maybe you wouldn’t be needing assitance. Just my thought I feel that all should be drug tested and kicked out of the program its easy just say no and you wont have to worry about it. As for Rev Long and TD Jakes shame on them for doing the things that they are doing. They are just men using the word of God to benefit themselves and they are the ones that will have to answer for the misleading they have commited. God bless you and Keep up the great work

    • Anonymous says:

      Should not all Goverment employees be drug tested, after all don’t they get paid with tax tayers money also Polititians even the President.

  2. Tramell says:

    Peace to you Denise. Awhile after your post, but to add to the topic of drug testing. I think it should be inclusive for all our politicians as well. Afterall it’s our tax paying dollars, so politicians, teachers and police officers should be the first to not just set the example, but as stated, anyone receiving some sort of compensation via tax dollars should submit to (random) testing and not just exlusively for the poor.

    If taxpayers have to foot for a new stadium for ballplayers, then Bud Selig or whoever should demand random testing so we dont pay millions of dollars to athletes who then do drugs and demand that their stadiums be paid for on the backs of the poor.
    Oh, Hey Earl! LOL!
    Listened to the show with Star Parker. Too short, and I would cherish the chance to converse with someone such as Ms. Parker. I would relish the chance!!!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I tune to your program only to change the station every time because of the constant mind frame you and your listeners have of “what they won’t give us”. As long as you and your listeners keep that way of thinking we as black people will always only have what they will give us and they will never give us more then they have. We as a whole will always be at the bottom as long as we keep relying on others to give us things instead of allowing ourselves to become educated and start creating wealth for ourselves. We have more opportunities than our fore fathers ever did and if they were alive today I think they would cry over the way we have allowed ourselves to become. My last observation is that the black women in our community are 90% responsible for the deplorable conditions in our communities and schools. We have lowered our standards so low that we allow any and everything to go on in our homes and don’t take care of our children and allow them to run around creating havoc on society. Our children are not angry at society as a whole they are angry at their mothers who have not been there to protect them the way a mother should. Men do the things they do to us because we allow them.

  4. Sonya says:

    Good Day Sir. I am a long time listener, absolutely love your show, keep up the great work! A while back you had a guest from We Energies, I wasn’t able to listen to the entire segment, but was wondering if We Energies could provide some enlightenment on this topic. It appears that We Energies puts a disconnection notice on the door the same day of disconnecting services in some Milwaukee neighborhoods, but in other communities such as Mequon or Fox Point, they put the notice on the door several days or weeks in advance, thereby giving the occupants in these communities a 1-2 week notice on their door that the utilities will be disconnected. Residents in some Milwaukee neighborhoods that tend to be predominantly black, Hispanic or so called minorities receive no such courtesies. If that is the case, then there would seem to be a disparity in the practice of physically delivering the disconnection door notice and actual disconnection of services between communities of different ethnic, demographic or geographical locations, one that is disproportionate and presents a disadvantage to Milwaukee residents. Residents in other communities, such as Mequon, seem to get a 1-2 week door sticker or “heads up” that their utilities will be disconnected, whereas some Milwaukee residents leave their home in the morning and return the same day with a notice on their door and the utilities turned off the same day. If that is an actual practice, then Milwaukee residents deserve the same treatment as residents in other neighborhoods. Anything that deviates from fair, equitable treatment across the board could point to racial, economic or demographic discrimination. I truly hope this is not the case but would appreciate further enlightenment on general practices and procedures throughout the areas. Thank you.

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  5. walker27 says:

    hey bro what happened to Frederick Meade your self proclaimed “hottest hour in radio”? I see you’ve erased all traces of of him off your website. You never update your podcast bro, but you refer us to this website everyday, c’mon man!!!!!!!

  6. This is a repost from 6/16/2012.

    Peace Brother Earl,

    I believe it would be prudent of someone in your capacity which voices community, local, national, and world issues into the homes of citizens to be close to correct with the information you share to your listing audience. I’m unaware if you have a research team to verify any news that you report, or voice concerns about.

    Regarding what is the difference between a Presidential Executive Order and Executive Action which the President issued Friday 15th 2012?

    My concern is the possibility you incorrectly informed the listing audience this past Friday that President Obama signed an Executive Order (Which he did not!) regarding the wavier of deportation of various immigrant groups living in the U.S. And to the issue as to why the President, (or for the matter why any past presidents) as not acted in the same regards to specific issue concerning the conditions of the Black man and woman. To me the answer is simple, but many like you do not want to face the fact that we as a people are not consider inclusive in deserving of equal treatment in the American society. Many Blacks believe themselves we are not deserving, and should not be demanding our fair share. I have heard you say over the air waves, “That it should not matter what race, creed, or color you are in this American society?

    The truth is “It does matter”! And until we as a people operate collectively from that “REALITY”…RACE MATTERS, then the conversation will continue, how better not to upset massa children’s to get along in this society? My main point is our Latino brother’s and sister’s leaders have acted collectively on the issue of fair immigration laws. Well we just witness some of their success Friday.

    Where is our collectivism in our so-called Black leaders? Our main issue is sitting in the form of H-40 in congress, Reparations. No Presidential administration can negotiate with our group because we as a group are divided on our rightfully just do for our forefather’s and mother’s servitude as chattel slaves in the building of America. So do not blame Obama because we as a people can not organize like other groups around a single issue of benefit that effects the greater good of our group in this American society.

    I have complied just a few creditable web-sites giving meaning to Presidential Executive Action, or better yet you say you have an inside line to the Obama Administration. Use it and get the answer straight from the horses mouth instead of unknowingly contributing to GOP, Racist, and Nazi propaganda! Meant to dis-connect the Black vote from voting for Obama’s second term. I’m assuming you are not part of the mass-media in this effort. Remember these groups pledge to prevent Obama’s Administration from being successful and doing two terms. You say you are aware of the hundreds of positive executive actions Obama’s has signed the past three 1/2 years of his first term. Where is your show exposing the good for the greater good of the average(99%) American citizen that has come out of his Administration?




  7. Mr.Ingram, I met you the night Derrick William’s video was shone, i shook your hand and said I lisen every day, what I’m writig about is Thursday I had to leave Milwaukee and you were having Willie Hines on your show, I really wanted to hear what he had to say about his sitting all these years and not speaking up when our kids are being killed by the Milwaukee police, also I once ask a police officer (BoBBy Linsey) if he was partered with a white officer and saw him abuse a black person would he arrest him, what I was told is there is a process that black officers must go thru but he could not arrest him. if possible could I get what happen in you enter view with Willie Hines.

  8. All people that are in public office should be drug tested, why is this so hard, every time I apply for a position the first thing is a back ground check and drug test, why don’t white people want to have a back ground check or be drug tested, is there something to hide.

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