Earl’s Videos

Earl’s Weekly Video Commentary 1.30.12: The Conservative Movement & Politics

 Earl Ingram Jr. Speaks w/Clayborn Benson of The Wisconsin Black Historical Society

Earl Ingram Jr., Frederick Alexander Meade & Caller Discuss The Black Church

Earl Ingram Jr. & His Father Earl Ingram Sr. Discuss Their Careers At A.O. Smith Milwaukee Works

The Earl Ingram Radio Show 7.5.2010 pt. 2

The Earl Ingram Radio Show 7.5.2010 pt. 1

Earl’s Thoughts About His Radio Show & What It Is All About

5 thoughts on “Earl’s Videos

  1. Brother Kenneth says:

    My Brother Earl,
    I hope this email finds you in good health and spirit. I listen to your show, I call in often, maybe too often. You are a Blackman, I must acknowledge that because black is not only a colour, but it’s a cosmetic connection to God Himself and every blackperson should be proud of that fact alone. When they connected us to land mass “African-American” instead of to God using that definition, it was a starting period of taking the Surpreme Being out of our lives and continue to find it difficult to unite. You keep up the GREAT work, don’t let anyone turn you away from being our brother and servent of our God and our People. You will be awarded by the right in this world and your reservation in the here after the workings of Satan.

  2. Carl Williams says:

    Hello Earl,

    I wrote this piece as a satire, just to sum up all of the things I heard related to the State Fair incident. thought you might be interested.

    People become disenchanted
    Because of being disenfranchised
    And their punishment is always the extreme chastise

    They give up hope
    Living at the end of a tattered rope
    They start using dope

    They don’t listen to Father and Mother
    They hurt and kill each other
    They burn down their own neighborhoods

    Somebody say life is not fair
    Let’s take it to the State Fair
    Not to each other

    Somebody say let’s take it out of our area
    Let’s put on our combat boots

    Somebody say the chickens are coming home to roost
    I don’t know about you
    I don’t know if it’s true

    Carl F. Williams

  3. Gail B. Williams says:

    So Mr. Ingram,
    How did the altercation between the 3 women end? Did the police come, did they shake hands…… what happened? The video ended mid story.

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