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  1. Bill Mack says:


    I don’t understand Polly Williams letter to Govenor Doyle?

    In her letter she says “I believe mandatory auto insurance is a NECESSITY ETC…” ???

    I am glad she is retiring, she is talking out of two sides og her mouth with this letter, the people can get someone in who will really go to bat for them. It is badly needed.

    Bill Mack

    • Anonymous says:

      Bill I don’t agree with you very often,but in this case I do. Polly Williams has long ago lost her since of rela
      evency to issues.

    • Jimmy V. Johnson says:

      Mr. Bill Mack,
      You live in Greendale, you have a job, correct? I bet your a white older male? correct? Did you read the whole letter or part of the letter.

      Mr. Jimmy V. Johnson

  2. Dante Banks says:

    Mr. Ingram
    I know this is a very small issue compared to the many problems going on in Milwaukee and I thank you for all of your efforts. This is just a concern in regards to our children in MPS. I have been to the Central office building(Vliet St) on several occasions. They have a nice air conditioned building for their staff. A good number of the MPS schools have summer school programs, yet most have no air conditioning for the students–I went to pick up my son from school the other day, and he was soaking wet, the room was very hot, to say the least. It just bothers me that as adults, we can sit down at central office in our nice air conditioned offices-(doing God knows what, making lots of money)while our children have to sit and suffer in unbearable classrooms to learn.

    Dante Banks

    • Jimmy V. Johnson says:

      I agree with you 110%. Pick up newspaper from yesterday and look at the things take will take place and that is taking place with the low achieving schools in Milwaukee. Custer, North, etc. Damn it’s a shame!!

      Mr. Jimmy V. Johnson

      • Dante Banks says:

        Mr. Johnson

        I thank you for your comments, but we must begin to change the way we view ourselves and our children. We can’t continue to complain about MPS unless we are ready to do something about it. We must understand the true intentions of a school system like MPS. Intentions that do not include the upliftment of Black children. With that said, I cannot continue to complain, as many before me have done with little or no change to that system–in fact it’s getting worse. I am a true advocate for Independent Black schools, not choice, not charter, but independent community driven schools designed specifically to meet the spiritual, mental and physical needs of our children.

  3. Alonzo Robinson says:

    Hey Mr. ingram , How are you doing? I just want to say; keep doing what you’re doing i believe you’re doing some amazing things for this community. I just want to to know that I am enrolled full time at Bryant & Stratton College majoring in Information Technology Networking. I thank you againg for your wonderful contributon. Your work will not be forgotten!!!!!…….

    • Dante Banks says:

      I understand your frustration with the city turnout for the youth games. We have to support our own children, not waiting on the media or politicians to show support that is greatly needed by our youth. It is our duty as parents, teachers and community members to support each other and our youth. Not at all taking away from your point of view, but it seems to me that as black people, we are always waiting. Waitng on someone to act, waiting on money, waiting for jobs, waiting on elected officials, waiting on positive media coverage, waiting to be free!!!! We need to take action and stop waiting on people or government or organizations to do it for us. On another note, I am very involved with the youth, but to be the devils advocate–the youth game events, times, and locations are very confusing, I think more people would be involved if the events were held in one central location.

      Thanks for all of your efforts

      • @Dante – brother I really appreciate your comment. I appreciate it more that you are listening to my show and I agree with much of what you said. Keep fighting for our people and please call in sometime to the show I’m certain the audience would love to hear your point of view. Keep sharing your thoughts on me website.

  4. Ty Ana Williams says:

    Hello, Mr. Ingram, Ty Ana wanted to thank you for all that you have done to make the 2010 U.S. Youth Games a success. We enjoyed being on your show, and has become a regular listener. The parade event with your organization was fun for
    Ty Ana, she enjoyed it. We also learned the power of your show first hand; the day after the opening ceremony you mention on your show that the media didn’t show up for the children and this national event, and in that show you singled out the Fox6 station brief appearance. The next day Fox6 station was at the tennis matches at Wick Field. I talked to
    Ty Ana about what it takes sometimes to be seen and or heard in the world of today. We hope you have all the success you want for your show and life. Again thank you Ty Ana Williams & Family

    • Dante Banks says:

      Mr. Ingram
      I thank you for the information you presented yesterday on your show. I think that everyone is so caught up in their own mess that we sometimes forget about the less fortunate. I knew about the flooding situation in Alderman Ahanti Hamilton’s district, but the full impact really hit home after you devoted your show to some of the flood victims in that area. We need to help as a community–I was hoping that since you are a true advocate for the community–you could assist in getting out the message on the best way for us (community) to assist the people, who have lost everything in the flood.

      Thank you again
      Dante Banks

      • @Dante – my brother I will do whatever I can to help our people as long as God has me on this earth. I (and others) will not allow our people to remain without a voice. Thank you for supporting my show which I love doing each and every day. It is people like yourself that help me understand how important being on the radio is. For that, I thank you my brother. Keep listening and tell your friends to listen.

  5. Dante Banks says:

    Mr. Ingram
    I listened to your show yesterday and then went to do some research. I wish Dr. Gregory Thorton the best and I hope he makes some positive changes at MPS. What is really bothering me is that all the positions of power in MPS are occupied by people affiliated with some type of fraternity or sorority. We have to stop walking down the same path when it comes to our children. What is the real agenda for Dr. Thorton and others like him, who is he really serving. We can’t continue to take these brotherhoods and sisterhoods lightly!!!

    • Dante Banks says:

      Mr. Ingram

      Excellent topic–The Ieshuh Griffin story! I have known Ieshuh for some time now, and she is truly a good person at heart, she cares an awful lot about the conditions of the poor and Black people. I do realize that her statement is very bold, but this is the kind of “shake up” this city needs. We keep voting for the same type of politican and what do we get in return. Ieshuh Griffin is young, intellent and willing to listen to all that have something to say. I guaranty that if she does gets in office, you won’t have to wait a month for a return phone call or wait to get on her calendar just to discuss pressing issues. In Milwaukee we are always complaining about Black elected officials not doing anything, but the ones that really want to get in and make changes- don’t talk like we want them to talk or don’t dress the way we want them to dress–so the bottom line is, are we really ready for change, with change comes responsibility and accountability are we ready for that in this city.

      Thank You
      Dante Banks

      • Dante Banks says:

        Mr. Ingram
        I understand your concern about poverty,but don’t turn this into some political platform for voting! Fred Gordon is absolutely incorrect if he believes that voting is going to change our conditions in this city and in the nation. We as Black people are producers of nothing–this is the bottom line! I hear all the time that black people died for the right to vote–no, they died for liberation, they were fooled into thinking that the vote could save them, just as we are being fooled today. We establish some economic power–then we control the politicans–that includes the President. We will continue to be on Americas backburner as long as we continue to be the number 1 consumers in this country. I normally agree with most of your views on the show, but on the show today, it sounded more like begging and pleading for someone to come and save the poor Black people in this city. We are the 800 pound Gorrilla–we just need to wake up and claim it! Nobody, but us can do that!

  6. Dante Banks says:

    This contact Earl section seems absolutely pointless! Mr. Ingram only seems to reply if you agree with him or are talking about safe topics–This is the main problem in our community today, we are always trying to play it safe-don’t want to upset the hand that is truly feeding us! Too many Black so called leaders in this city are playing behind the door games. People wake up!

    • @Dante – brother, your point is view is important to me. I think there is a lot of truth to what you say, and if you listen to my show, you’ll know that much of what you said is in-line with me. If you don’t agree, I ask that you tune in 4-6pm on Monday when I have Frederick Alexander Meade on. Keep listening and sharing your opinion and you are always welcome to call in to the show or Facebook, Twitter or email your response during the show.

  7. Toby Baker says:

    Mr. Ingram,

    I’ve been told by several people to connect with you. I’m a youth speaker who grew up in Milwaukee next door to AO Smith (28th & Concordia). I’m currently a college student who attended 8 MPS schools in as many years, but now I’m seeking to attend one of America’s top graduate schools! I know that it’s possible… and if it’s possible for me, than it’s possible for them!

    There’s a dire need to resuscitate our young people’s hope and push them to pursue formal education. Any help (training, resources, etc.) you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope we can connect soon.


    P.S. I couldn’t find your e-mail, so I apologize for not sending you this message through a more personal medium.

  8. Dante Banks says:


    I am in support of neither Tom Barret or Scott Walker, but I am putting it on record (October 20th, 2010) that Scott Walker will win this election. It is all about positioning in this city and again we are not united enough to sway the vote in any direction. also your information about voting against Tom Barret will have a negative effect on Obama getting elected, is false–check the history of voting–the governors of Wisconsin have never had a great impact on presidential elections.

  9. Dante Banks says:

    Mr. Ingram

    I am really confused about what you are saying on the radio. I think I heard you correctly when you stated, “that voting is your duty”. Then you came back in the next sentence and stated something about that when you vote you know that it’s not going to make a difference or change anything. First of all, who told you that voting was your duty–we are like dogs chasing our own tails, because someone told us that this is what we are supposed to do and like idiots we do it without any questions or anything to show for it.–I am really frustrated with your show as of late, for the past couple of months you have been pushing for Black folks to get out and vote, and for what you just said it yourself–it doesn’t make a difference and it doesn’t change anything. The words you say on the radio are critical–some people follow your word as the gospel–you cannot ride the fence are you truly concerned about the issues that affect Black People or are you just another radio host looking for ratings. And please bring some new thinkers on your radio show–you have the same quests talking nonsense –Fred Gordon, Wendall Harris, Kurt Harris sold their souls a long time ago (they might be nice men) but are absolutely irrelavant to changing what’s going on in the Black community.

  10. Brother Kenneth says:

    The problem as I see it; intergration is a method of bringing one society into another. To successfully achieve this we must have a collective agreement on how this should and must be done. 1: The Educational System must also be intergrated in this case it was not and have NOT been done. Sure, some will make it through submitting to the very system that maintains white supremacy. But it’s our children that rebel against such a system, the parents who have not achieve true intergration continue to hope something is accomplished through their children, like the dream of Dr. King. To hell with that dream, get our children out of such an Educational System that does not feed their minds with Gods will who is the author of all science in our Universe. This whiteman has taken God out of our schools, they just push us around like we are dust and make us what they are.

  11. says:

    Have you ever heard Beck or Bill say a word about the Baton March or Japanese war crimes??? I feel sorry for them living on a fault line but hey how about the soldiers they killed by cutting off their heads or freezing them and watching them die.

  12. Smokeater says:

    This is the okey-doke, do you believe for one moment the yournal did not know these things about Abele during the primaries. They attacked Lee Holloway over and over again doing the primaries for code violations and now by happenstance they discover things about Abele. Notice also the editorial board is now calling into question the validity of Abele’s statement of endorsement from the yournal.
    We are being had, lets start a write in effort to elect Lee Holloway and let everyone else fight between Abele and the Stone.
    Stop the manipulations by the yournal, open your eyes and see.

  13. Denice Johnson says:

    When I called and made the comment about how slavemasters treated their horses better than slaves – you misconstrued and detracted from my point. How? By going into a silly monologue about ‘cowboys’ and the ‘wild wild west’. What does that have to do with slavery? REad the book Slave Narratives esp Frederick Douglass’s section!

  14. Hortence Broussard says:

    Hello Earl. I felt deeply disturbed that you seemed miffed by my name when I called the station yesterday. I could’ve used a fake name like everyone else does, but I was trying to keep it real and you dissed me by hanging up on me. YOu are a rude, stubborn jerk. I also notice your irritance when Christian callers call in. You seem annoyed and impatient with them. If anything, you need to listen to them and open your own heart up to eternal salvation! Stop being so close-minded and what not. YOu are an older man with previous health problems, now is the time more than ever to be getting right with the Lord instead of rejecting his Word at every chance you get.

    • Hortence – I apologize if you believe I was miffed… let me share something that you may not realize, I cannot always hear callers clearly when they talk and sometimes my call screener may not spell a name correctly. I am sorry you believe I am a “stubborn jerk” and that I am “so close-minded” with you or others. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      I’m willing to apologize and express agape love towards you… are you willing to do so towards me and forgive me?

  15. Dante Banks says:


    Judge Stamper is absolutely right in his statement about the killing of Bin Laden-America seems to always have a problem with people that speak or act on truth. How many people in this city or across the nation really know about the wicked acts of violence that the American government is involved in here, and in other countries. Most of us don’t even know the real facts about 911, and have only read a couple of biased America media articles on the so called terriorist “Bin Laden”–the real terrorist is right in our own backyards, and if you don’t play their games, your the crazy one, the outcast, just like their trying to do to Judge Stamper. We need more Black Men to stand up and fight for truth and justice. Judge Stamper is an inspiration to many-even those afraid to say it!

  16. Roosevelt Thomas says:

    Judge Stamper has a right to say what he wants! And shouldn’t get any back lash from his words. The racist GOP members say whatever they want and nobody attacks them or holds them accountable. Another thing, if I had to choose between a terrorist take over or a racist reversal of America, I would choose the former. I don’t want either, but sometimes it feels like ‘well dam*, the white folks are trying to reverse our rights and turn America back into the 60’s or even worse (back to slavery), they don’t care about us!’ and this mind-set will make it easier to possibly one day be more sympathetic to the radicals/terrorist cause against America. i know it sounds crazy. but sometimes that’s what i think. I say if America keeps hurting blacks and trying to reverse our rights, I know what side of the boat I’m choosing.


  17. Dante Banks says:

    Wow, what got into Jason Fields-I don’t always understand the brothers motives (well, yes i do), but for this moment in time he stood up and spoke strongly about the lives of Black Children-I have to give him credit for that. I hope his words spark black people to wake up and move something. Our lives and the lives of our children depend on it!

  18. Roosevelt Thomas says:

    Hi Earl. REgarding your 7/5/11 show with Taki Raton. I mean no disrespect of this brother, but he seems nothing but a coon in some respects. when he stated that slavery was a byproduct of war and Africa being conquered, somebody should’ve slapped the taste out of his mouth. there was no war, nothing but trickery, deception, and schemes by the greedy white men who crossed the ocean with nothing in mind but to STEAL men, not fight them in any wars (because of course they would lose), but to STEAL men, women & children. He also had the audacity to say Martin Luther King and other Civil Rights icons were misguided. He said that segregation was good. How the hell an segregation be good when all the resources, money, and wealth are on one side? You should’ve popped him in his jaw, Earl.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Brother Roosevelt you are absolutely wrong in your interpretation of what Brother Raton said, and the facts about your history. This is our deepest problem, Africans, Blacks, niggas, and negros all fighting each other and still losing!

    Dante Banks

  20. Roosevelt Thomas says:

    Dante, yes my rhetoric was too negative. I should’ve checked myself on that. I apologize for that. But I stand by everything else I said!

  21. Dante Banks says:

    I don’t understand why we would even waste our time talking to a coward that shows little respect for you, 1290, and the listening audience-(Black People). Scott Walker don’t give a damn about the concerns of Black People and he showed it on your show. We still sitting around like good niggas waiting on master to give us the nod. Scott Walker hasn’t helped Black People in the past, he’s not going to help us now, nor in the future. Why we trying to wait and talk to this cracker, like he somebody!!!!! Earl I understand you have obligations as a Radio announcer and employee of 1290, but what kind of examples are we setting are we setting for our children, you basically shut down the show waiting on this devil to call, and for what (so he could slap us on both sides of the face).

    Dante Banks

  22. Roosevelt says:

    I didn’t appreciate the comments of that squeaky=voiced big bird Cassandra about ending Affirmative Action on your show today (july 11). I think she’s needs a history lesson, an African-American history lesson. And Joe needs to just go croak or keel over or something. He is such a Clarnece Thomas/Uncle Tom it doesn’t even make any sense.

  23. Roosevelt AKA Maine says:

    Hi Earl. I was listening to Al Sharpton’s show earlier and I am beginning to regain my respect for him because he is beginning to speak up for the poor & middle class. He is saying “No more tax cuts for the wealthy!!” Similarily, I’ve regained my respect for President Obama, who is finally discovering his backbone and giving that Nazi Boehner a run for his money. Obama is getting hard on these fools, lol.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Earl I heard your show when you were giving the Milwaukee Police Departments their props for being more present in the community. You said it made things safer. But at the same time I wish you would have also said something about the number of police shooting of suspects that has increased. As well, the harrassment of our black youth. Police will stop young black boys and subject them to questsions and searchings randomly. I’ve seen it. So you should have also mentioned these things

  25. Dante Banks says:

    One of the guests on your show today stated, ” that people that don’t vote are unaware individuals.” I know plenty of aware individuals, that are active in the community, that don’t vote. Vote for what-the conditions for Black people are getting worse with the rise of Black politians and the Black vote. How about we try something different, voting definetely isn’t working for the majority of Black people. When you vote for a devil, you continue to live in hell, and why is 1290 spending so much time on the Darling race compared to other politians that might give a damn about poor and voiceless in this community! In that election race, win, lose, or draw we waiting on a white lady to save us–sad!

  26. roosevelt says:

    Mr.Banks, are you saying that black people should resort to the old days of being content with disenfrenchisement? Too many people have died for us to have the right to vote, and here you are being all cavalier about it. Why, the GOP would just love to have you as their spokesman to keep the ‘negros from voting’. Regardless of your misgivings, we must participate in the voting process. If there was a third party, then maybe we could resort to your drastic measures, but until then…

  27. roosevelt says:

    Earl, I went to a gasstation and was about to purchase some ciggarettes. I plopped my $6.00 on the counter but at this station they rang up for $6.45. Usually I get them for $6.15 at other gasstations. I said to the the clerk “Oh, that’s okay, I don’t want them.” He says “why” I said because they’re too much, I don’t have it.” He looked at the extra dollars in my hand and said “you do have it”. I said yea but not for these. Just give me my $6.00 back, I don’t want the ciggarettes.” He didn’t want to give me back the money, but I wasn’t going to pay the extra .45cents, so he gave in and I walked out the door with my cigarettes for $6.00. I can only imagine the power we can have in our community over how these foreigners treat us in their stores if we would only use the power of the boycott on them and refuse their mistreatment and disrespect of us.

  28. Dante Banks says:

    Mr. Roosevelt

    Black people didn’t die for the right to vote–they died for liberation. They were fooled into thinking that the vote could liberate them from the hands of the oppressor in American Society (we see today, that it didn’t work in the past, and it is not going to work now). This same foolishness will continue until we wake up. Have you checked the unemployment rates, the educational system, the socioeconomic status of Black people here in America–yep the vote is truly helping us!!!! You keep voting and buying cigarettes-they both are deadly!!!!!

  29. R.T AKA Maine says:

    I must say I am very disappointed in the debt ceiling agreement. I feel let down by President Obama. I thought he would stick to his guns, but he caved to the Nazi GOP. Now, there is going to be even more attacks on the poor and working class while at the same time no taxes for the rich! Oh, and Dante, I heard you on Al Sharpton today (Aug 2). As usual, you had no point.

  30. Dante Banks says:

    Mr. Roosevelt

    I am sure you are a very intelligent man to somebody, please don’t preoccupy your time with what I am doing. We need to concentrate on what’s really happening to black people all over this planet. If this helps you sleep at night, I have never called, emailed, or commented anything to Al Sharpton in person, or on his show. A person with such worldly views, such as yourself, should know that Dante is a very common name. President Obama let you down, who’s really missing the point!

  31. Jim Chester says:

    Mr. Ingram:

    I am a regular listener to The Warren Ballentine Show, and heard you a few shows ago.

    I referred to ‘…the nation of Africa…’, and another similar interpretation that I can’t recall.

    I’ve wrestled with how to challenge you on this.

    Clearly, I’ve decided on email.

    I am only intending to clarify.

    Africa IS NOT A NATION.

    There is no such thing as African nationality.

    Africa is a continent.

    There more than fifty (50) nations on that continent.

    As a media talk show host, you influence the understanding of other African American-Americans, as well as become fodder for our enemies who are looking examples of our ignorance of who we are.

    Again, clarification is my ONLY intent here.


    Jim Chester

  32. Dante Banks says:

    Mr. Ingram

    I understand your frustration in the political process, especially with the re-election of Alberta Darling. This is my point exactly-Alberta Darling winning-really!!! We must not continue to be fooled into thinking that voting process is the voice of the people. The voting process is corrupt, and those that dominant this society will always get what they want, when they want it, and who they want to have it, until they are challenged outside of their comfortable playing fields. The time is now to build a strong economic base that will influence who we want as elected officials with our specific agendas and concerns in mind, who we want to educate our children, even what type of stores we want in our neighborhoods, and who our next leaders will be, those that are not afraid to fight for the injustices done to black people and the poor on a daily basis. We are constantly being taken advantage of because we allow it to happen–Wake up Black People-We 800 pounds!

  33. Um'rani says:

    Two consumer alerts:
    1) ATT has issued new fees and service agreement for home phones. Of note is the $7 PLUS 1% of unpaid balances of more than $10. Also you are “waive the right to a trial by jury and to participate in a class action” for “all disputes and claims”. ATT has only 30 days to notify you of a rate increase.
    2)Quarterly OVERNIGHT PARKING stickers are expiring. People should try to get the renewals now, or before the 1st, to avoid long lines, or avoid getting a ticket. In an emergency, you or a visitor can get up to 3 days parking without the sticker by calling 286-8300. KEEP the confirmation number they give you for 30 days.

  34. Dante Banks says:

    Mr. Ingram

    I enjoyed your show today with comments from Mr. Raton, but in regards to helping our youth, there are a number of people and organizations that are working with Black youth on a daily basis. The problem is that they don’t have a platform to get this information out. This has always been a problem in our community, there are a number of organization that are and have been successful in working with the youth, but remain under the radar because they don’t have a big budget or big names on their roster–can you assist in making some of these people and organizations known.

    As far as our Black elected officials, for the most part they are disconnected with the community and the youth right in their own districts–how can you help if you don’t have a strong connection to the people you supposedly serve. Another problem lies right in our own Black community, we don’t support each other. I recall when Mike McGee was alderman, he tried to set up a number of programs for the youth. The programs ranged from after school programs, the gun buy back, social-dance events, and even a designated spot for the cruisers. He had little or no support from the Black community-this is a fact. The only time he started to recieve support from the community was when the white people started to support some of his efforts. This is the exact mind set of our current Black elected officials and many community members. They will not speak or move in any way to uplift the Black community or our youth, unless white people are on board or approve of their actions. The problem with MPS is the constant disconnect between ineffective white teachers and Black Students. The problem with employment is that as Black people we have to posture our speech and actions just to get accepted into the white workforce. The problem on the streets is we don’t value our own lives, so why should I value the life of somebody else, especially somebody that looks like me, and is living in the same conditions that I live in. The problem with the youth is a direct result of our (adults-elders) inability to provide schools, jobs, and the history of our ancestors. As adults we have played games to get accepted into white society and our youth aren’t having it. The results of us acting less than ourselves, is what we see happening today with our youth. They have been reaching out for a long time now with no response from us, unless they are doing something wrong.

  35. Stanley Brown says:

    I’ve just become aware of a game called “Slavery” where people try to become the richest slave owner. has anyonre else heared of this game? I’m trying to find out if it is real because i am willing and ready to voice my disgust for this game to whatever company is publishing it. i saw a trailer on youtube but i am still searching for facts of its proposed existance.
    if anyone has some information please let me know.

  36. On May 8th I called 911 at moody towers at university of houston to get to the nearest psych ward for a psychological emergency. But I was met with much opposition from one of your police officers at the scene in front of moody towers. Three officers confronted me and I told them I wanted to go the psych ward. For some reason one of the officers tried to provoke me by holding a clip board behind his back like he was going to attack me. But I didn’t react, so he pushed me roughly towards the wall and hand cuffed me. He did not even ask me to turn around, nor was I looking as if I was going to harm the officer. But for some reason he targeted me. This might be a racial oriented assault towards me because I am Indian. As I walked towards the squad car, hand cuffed, the same officer rushed me toward the ground for no good reason, and I was walking peacefully with them toward the squad car which gave them no reason for using force. This officer was going above the law and that is no way for an officer to act. These actions by the police officer are a clear indication of police brutality and excessive force. After I entered the squad car two officers fist pounded each other like they accomplished something great when they rushed me to the ground like they were trying to prove something. All I want is an apology because I am the one that called the police but they treated me as a criminal. email:, 214-802-4856….(need a probono lawyer – my civil rights and Americans with Disabilities Act has been violated)

  37. Dante Banks says:

    Mr. Ingram

    Thank You for the truthful information presented on your 10-24-11 show. The information about the police is something that needs to be brought to the forefront, as well as truthful information on Libya, and it’s slain Freedom fighter, Moammar Gadhafi. Your 12 points about life in Libya for the average citizen made a number of people think about how we (especially Black people) are being treated over here in America. Moammar Gadhafi had his flaws, but was on his way to building a better Africa without European or American influence. You better believe that America had it’s hand in making sure this man was stopped! Thank You again for your truthful insight!

    Dante Banks

  38. Dear Earl,
    Thank you for having Bobby Jiles Sr and me visit this last Wednesday. Here are some extra details for your listeners:

    The benefit for children of Bobby E. Jiles, Jr, 39, who was killed in the auto accident on the Hoan Bridge on October 4, will be held this Sunday, November 6 from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm at J. Riley’s on N85 W15964 Appleton Avenue, north of Lilly in Menomonee Falls.

    Musical groups, a Silent Auction (over 70 items), and Raffles from 2p-8p will help raise money for the family. The cover charge for this event is only $5.00 with all proceeds going to the Bobby E. Jiles Memorial Fund, set up at the Educators Credit Union.

    Bobby Jiles Sr plans to attend the event.

    For more details please see “Bob Jr’ page on the website

    Julie Thompson

  39. sharon says:

    Hi Earl: I didn’t realize that you were short with Christians. I liked the fact that you said the other day that we need devine intervention for the troubles in our comunity. And I agree 100%. That’s just what the Bible says. The Lord will have to step in and intervene or else mankind will destroy one another. Seems the Lord is allowing us to go thru what we’re currenty facing in order to bring our attention back to him. Unfortunately the poor and Blacks are suffering most, but have you read what the Bible says about the rich? Read James, chap 5. In the meantime, I for the most part really like the various guests you have had on your show and I feel you growing by leaps and bounds.

    God Bless

  40. John D says:

    Hey Earl. I listen to your show regularly and I have a very positive idea. WMCS is one of the few bastions of progressive thought and honest discourse on issues in this city and beyond. With this in mind, your show can broaden the exposure of the brilliant minds that Black Milwaukee has, for all of us who cry out for honesty and fairness in our media, by featuring once or, occasionally, twice a week a 2-3 person panel discussion focusing on individual issues or social questions. People like Professor Bob Harvey who has great understanding of history and social frame by which institutions make decisions or Dr. Patricia McManus and Commissioner Bevan Baker who are two of Milwaukee’s most connected and knowledgeable health professionals. Perhaps an hour to discuss topics among the panel, then 2 hours of call in where question have to be short and succinct to maximize time.

    Eric does a panel on certain days and it is quite informative, but this idea would expose Milwaukee to more of the best minds in Milwaukee and allow those impressionable enough to see brilliance among their community.

  41. Poppa Leon says:


    Although I am unable to call in as much as I’d like, I sincerely enjoy your show, because it is a positive influence on Milwaukee.

    You not only keep it real, you accept no garbage. Keep up the GOOD Work!

    Poppa Leon

  42. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to let you know that the Dick Gregory interview you did on the show on February 23, 2012 was one of the most powerful programs that you have ever done. Please broadcast this interview again so others in our community can hear this interview. The interview was life changing for me. Thank you so much.

  43. anne with an e says:

    i think white people should be involved in your show .because the republicans have convinced them that it is americans of african descent against them . when in reailty it is republicans against the poor and whoever the middle class is. one other thing i t would be nice to hear our men speak to each other without slang talk such as “man” dude” and many others you were born a man child there is no competition there. make no mistake i love my people but changes need to be made. pull your pants up be able to breathe why are your clothes so tight young women ? there are many things we need to work on not to be like someone else but to be a better us.i think if you look at a few of the things i have mentioned you can see what is possible through your show. if you read this you can answer me back on mondays show i will be listening. if not i will keep writing uou . have a great day , my name is anne with an e.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Earl, in talking about the Charles Manson case and how he should be let out because there is no one around anymore that first-hand suffered made me realize that you are a hypocrite. Slavery is the same way, no one around today was ever a slave or a slave owner.

    On another topic of high unemplyment in the central city, did you realize that Clinton, a democrat, signed NAFTA? He moved the jobs overseas, not the business owners whom you constantly condemn. Also, why is the unemploment rate in step with the MPS truancy rate?

    There are two sodes to the story Earl, you only see one, yet criticize anyone who challenges you.

  45. Hi Earl,

    You had James B. Huntington as a guest on your show the other day; he’s an economist and the author of the book, “Work’s New Age: The End of Full Employment and What It Means to You”.

    I called in with a question about the associated relationship of the international bankers, our own corrupt and unconstitutional Federal Reserve system, and how politicians and the media are not telling us the whole story. There is the overall aspect of how the Bilderberg group, the Illuminati and others are damaging our economy and causing the resulting loss of jobs, of particular concern to the community and especially to Black people in Milwaukee and throughout the nation.

    James did not agree and this makes me suspicious since there is a lot more going on behind the scene in the way of manipulation and in violation of what is right and what We, The People should accept and expect.
    The financial crisis WASN’T an accident . . .

    That it was all a part of an elaborate scheme between Wall Street, Washington, and too-big-to-fail conglomerates in order to protect their fortunes while making American citizens accountable for their mistakes . . .

    And what if I HAVE PROOF that the last four years of economic hardship is only the beginning of what experts are calling The Final Turning.

    Newt Gingrich, Lou Dobbs, Larry Kudlow, John Bolton, Dick Morris, and other champions of freedom have united together to reveal the truth about what happened behind closed doors on Sept. 18, 2008 . . . and how we are in for at least 15 more years of financial reckoning.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Earl Ingram,
    Thank you for providing commentary and views that truly relate to our community. Your program is true public service that is so lacking on the 620 and 1130 propaganda machines. Thank you, WMCS 1290.

  47. Tramell says:

    Good afternoon.

    I am an avid listener of 1290 and wanted to do (2) things in my email.

    1. Accolades & Praise; you guys ROCK! Great work Eric to Earl.
    And the music from Kira to Aaron is the best in the nation, they play more than jams; they play songs that underscore the tone of the daily topic, ya’ll too cold, so stop it!

    2. Drop some info on those who claim President Obama has allowed chip implants in his Healthcare Bill.

    Basically it stems from President Bush and his former secretary of health and human services Tommy Thompson (who is currently running for an office). Newt Gingrich supports it but with a differenct company.

    During the Bush Administration, Tommy Thompson, joined a board of directors of a company called VeriChip, that makes RFID (radio frequency Identification chips). In 2004 the FDA approved the chips for human implants.

    “We are all well aware of the need to enhance information technology in healthcare. It is my belief that VeriChip is an important and secure means of accessing medical records and other information.” Quote from Tommy Thompson

    On July 31, 2005, in an article titled “‘Health Chips’ Could Help Patients in US,” The Business reported: “President Bush’s former health secretary Tommy Thompson is putting the final touches to a plan that could result in US citizens having a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip inserted under their skin.”

    RFID in healthcare set to take off — April 28, 2005

    In conclusion, claims on the internet now reference a medical device registry found in a bill called
    “HR 3200, “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.”


    The bill that passed is HR 3590, “the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”

    A search of the text of the actual law ( turns up no language similar to that of HR 3200.

    For example, the word “implant” is not found in the bill. The medical device registry referenced in the failed HR 3200 simply created a registry of all devices “used in or on a patient

    So Republicans have taken a device created during the Bush Administration which was to be implanted in Thompson himself and are now stating it is President Obama and the Democrat’s pet project, to which they reference Bible Scriptures of the mark of the beast claiming our President is the aid to such.

    Example-Another hidden secret in Obamacare “RFID Chip Implants”
    by Mr. Charrington on May 26, 2011


    Thanks and hope this is of some help for the stragglers who call in and claim the mark of the beast is among us, because President Obama has allowed the mark via chip implants…through a bill that never became law.

    From Tramell,

    Author of A Patriot’s Guide to the Republican Agenda!

    P.S my book which I gave you awhile back, stated :

    Mitt Romney would be the contender for 2012, which I wrote back… 2009 before his announced his candidacy
    African-American Preachers/Pastors would stand against their own when Republicans require it
    I spoke of the Oil Pipeline and named key players like John Maresca
    In 2009 I spoke of the neocons as the key figures controlling both DNC and RNC
    I still hold that former Prime Minister Bhutto claimed Umar Sheik murdured Osama Bin Laden years ago. (this is why they buried Osama at sea, but not Saddam or any other Al Quada leaders)
    Your fan,
    Andre Tramell

  48. Marcus Hart says:

    Hello Mr. Ingram I called in to the Warren B. show on the Power XM earlier today addressing the issue of the urban community. I suggested more townhall meetings and forums to compile every complaint to move Milwaukee into taking some direct action on those issues. If you can provide any guidance or input on this please email me at

  49. A sane listener says:


    I heard your interview with Tammy Baldwin today. Man…what the hell was that? You too busy sucking up to ask any real questions? On the topic of the negative campaigning, in which you gave Baldwin a complete pass, this from Politifact:

    “The Journal Sentinel’s Craig Gilbert wrote about a report by Kantar Media CMAG, a D.C. firm that tracks political ads, that found in the 30 days that ended Oct. 2, 2012, 92% of the ads aired in the race were “negative.”

    What’s more, the report showed that in the weeks after the primary, between Aug. 19 and Sept. 17, 2012, Baldwin and her allies outspent Thompson and his allies almost 3-to-1 on broadcast television.”

    So what is it? Your tagline above says you are “speaking nothing but the truth”, and yet you mislead your audience into thinking that Thompson’s is the only one running negative ads. Disgraceful.

    The rest of your show with your guest conspiracy theorist in studio was pretty amusing. My how you egged him on to show his outlandishness and extreme silliness. That’s what you were doing, right? …..Uh….right???

  50. Carol knapp says:

    Im an Oak Creek resident. Currently I’m vacationing in Austin Texas. The local news station had an except about abortion. Citizens that are pro-life are interested in an added fee to license plates to support pro life. My question is why can’t we have an added fee to our licence plate to stop violence in the inner city. They have special plates for wild life preserve and other human interest. Why not a plate to help the inner city violence

  51. charlie says:

    Earl you dis respected me on monday when you hung the phone up in my face. I am charlie, a vet, have permit to carry a weapon. Been Pres. Neg. Association. Got in Air Force when blacks were not being accepted equally. When I told you that we are a reseilant people, that was over your head. Rather then goverening your show you should of allowed yourself and I to engage and maybe help someone.

  52. Otto says:

    Glad you are off the airwaves. Don’t need your narrowminded wind polluting the feeble minds of the low-information voters. Elvis is such a cleansing breath of fresh air on 1290!

    Good Bye and Good Riddance

  53. milwaukee, Wisconsin says:

    Brother Earl;

    I am happy GOD has afforded you such opportunities. I wish you only the best and continued success. Just don’t get so busy you have no time for our youth.

    Commissioner Leon Williams
    Neighborhood Children’s Sports League

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