Video of Derek Williams Dying in MPD Squad Car: We CANNOT Forget

Audio begins at about the :40 mark of the video. This is very graphic and disturbing.


11 thoughts on “Video of Derek Williams Dying in MPD Squad Car: We CANNOT Forget

  1. delbert says:

    milwaukee police will continue to kill and exploit the black community because no one in the black community has enough heart to do anything about it all this talk ont stop it they have killed countless people in the last 20 yrs and even assaulted frank jude and thier behavior is getting worst not better

  2. jeannie says:

    The real problem is when some Police Officers have someone “in custody” or “under arrest” and in essence, to their mindset, a “criminal”,(especially after a chase). At that point, all respect for the arrested as a person is lost. What must be known here is that, the “arrested” can be any race, any color, it just doesn’t matter, the level of disrespect will be the same across the board. This didn’t happen to Derek because he was black, it happened because these officers, easily swayed by police view of seeing many “faking it” for medical attention, failed to respect and protect someone in their custody as a person. Even under arrest and in custody, a person still is to be treated with the basic respect of civility and humanity. Officers often unknowingly turn that basic principle off when one is in custody.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I work for the law firm which represents Derek Williams’ mother in this case. Without exaggerating, this case would have been LONG forgotten without a years worth of hard work on the part of Attorney Robin Shellow. If anyone viewing this has any information, or witnessed the events leading up to Derek Williams being put in the car, please get in touch with The Shellow Group in Milwaukee, WI.

  4. monique says:

    This is a very disturbing video. No matter how they felt about him he still had the right to medical treatment even if he was lying or not. If we cant trust the people that sworn to protect us who do we trust? But what hurts me the most is the black community have not did anything to stand up about the situation…smh…

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