The Minister In The Streets, Door-to-Door


There is no other Black Man of God who can go into ANY street, in ANY Black neighborhood and have the people respond to him as The Minister does. Here in Milwaukee, none of our Black Preachers would even think about knocking on doors and speaking to his or her own people.

2 thoughts on “The Minister In The Streets, Door-to-Door

  1. Anonymous says:

    We have a sincere love for our people. The Minister’s heart can not standby any longer and witness the self disstruction of our people, particular our young/future. I am honored to walk with Him in Milwaukee as other FOI around the world.

  2. Khadijah Anwar says:

    That’s because they are afraid of the people they say JESUS can save…so they have their doubts about The real power of JESUS as well.The minister can NEVER EVER teach like Farrakhan because they ARE NOT FREE!!! They MUST keep the plantation programming going at ALL costs…Even ministers who KNOW the truth they will NEVER tell the congregation because they are doing SATAN’S bidding!

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