Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn Joins Me Today To Discuss Stop & Frisk

Milwaukee Police Chief – and fan of my radio show – Ed Flynn joins me today at 3pm to answer recent criticism of his departments ‘stop and frisks’ procedures. As highlighted in this jsonline story, there appears to be a disparity in the number of African Americans being stop as opposed to other groups.


2 thoughts on “Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn Joins Me Today To Discuss Stop & Frisk

  1. NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly Wins 2011 BULL CONNOR AWARD

    watch us punk the world’s top cop:

    When Commissioner Kelly surfaced to lecture at Columbia’s School of International & Public Affairs – SIPA, it was my privilege to serve him his certificate to inform him he’d won the 2011 Bull Connor Award, named for Alabama’s Commissioner of Public Safety whose attack dogs bit children, and his hoses pinned children to walls.

    Stop Stop & Frisk

  2. For those of us who knew Rudy, he was and is an inspiration. He was not a sipmle minded outsider, but a thoughtful broadminded man. Rudy faced some obstacles, despite the recognition he did receive. There were conservative minds in Manitowoc, including those who were offended by his sculpting the nude human figure, those who could not look beyond his being without an art credit education, those who may have held some prejudice that he was Jewish and those jealous of the success he did have. His legacy in Manitowoc could be a nice quality permanent exhibit/musuem that could give the small city some more pride and some tourist attraction beyond what it already has.I first met him when I was about 13 years old, when he took me and an artist aunt of mine into the basement studio under his dentist office. He was enthusiastic, proud, and always energetic and usually upbeat. He was a gift.

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