Do We Wonder What Race A Person Is Who Commits A Crime?

Is it just me? Or do WE ALL wonder (quietly) to ourselves what race or ethnicity a person is who is accused of a crime in which we find horrible or bizzare? Do we quickly assume that a Black Person did that or a White Person did this based upon the offense? C’mon man… be honest.

Here’s the latest example, take the Ohio man who killed himself after releasing all those exotic animals he was raising on his property. When you heard the story did you immediately think of the race of the person who was responsible for this? I did.

What about the DC Sniper? I know I would have never guessed that a Black Person was responsible for those shooting when the news broke. How about you?

I think most of us go through this mental exercise instantly and subconciously so I thought it was worthy of discussing. Are we discriminating or stereotyping in this instance?


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