Col. Gaddafi Assassinated… Your Thoughts

Libya’s ex-leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi has been killed after an assault on his birthplace of Sirte. Nicknamed “Brother Leader” after coming into power in 1969… called a “Mad Dog” by former President Ronald Reagan.

What are your thoughts about his death today after being the latest victim of the so-called “Arab Spring.”


6 thoughts on “Col. Gaddafi Assassinated… Your Thoughts

  1. The truth is finally coming to the surface. A military operation that was initiated by NATO under the pretense of protecting innocent civilians from being slaughtered has culminated in the assassination of Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi. Qaddafi’s death removes the last serious challenge to Western hegemony on the African continent, and it opens Libya’s doors wide to NATO military bases and Western oil companies. The only question that remains is whether or not the masses of Libyan people will derive any significant benefit from this new paradigm. Yet, it is relatively certain that a few individuals at the top of the pecking order will be seduced by the alluring prospect of accumulating vast amounts of personal wealth, inevitably spawning a new cycle of corruption. The oil companies will continue to massage their profit margins and the rest of us will continue to pay ever increasing gas prices.

  2. Kenneth X says:

    During an interview by Warren Ballentine with President Obama, I quote “We joined NATO to remove Quaddafi from power to save Europe and in turn, we save America.” That’s my only comment at this time. I await word from Our Leader, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and from His lead, we shell follow up.

    Thank you sir and have a great day..

    • It’s now known that they have murdered Gaddafi,Just like they murdered Kwame Krumah and Patrice Lumumba, just like they assassinated Um Nyobe and Samori Kante, Just like they gunned down Martin Luther King and Malcom X, they added on their list Muhamar Gaddafi today and as always, they are proud of their accomplishment. I am sad for the continent of Africa and I am sad for all Africans because another African hero is gone adding to the long list of our lost hopes: Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Um Nyobe, Samory Khante, Chaka Zulu, etc. Nonetheless this will not, in any way kill our eager of freedom for a free Africa , clean from imperialists and colonialists, clean from slaves masters and money makers.
      Its hurt today, our tears can go larger and deeper like a river dumping into a sea, but our faith remains strong for a free Africa. The blood of Our heroes will not go in vain and the day will come where Africa and Africans will be free of the imperialists and their Africans puppets. As always, God blesses Us. Gaddafi was murdered in the battle ground and he will always be remembered for his courage and heroism. May God forgives him for all his sins and may the angels take him and our martyrs welcome him in heaven.

  3. Adib Timbuktu says:

    My sentiments mirrow those of brother Guy Simo. It is a sad day for Africa. Brother Muammar has been one of my heros for many, many years. He was a true revolutionary that was a champion of the causes of Black Africa and Black America. Too few knew of his credits but if anyone is interested in knowing what kind of man and leader was brutally murdered before the eyes of the world–how dare these devils try to associate him with Saddam and bin Laden!–just check out utube… many videos of his speeches are now available. As for Obama, I realize that the nature of this so-called democracy entails that our president is always somewhat of a puppet and that many actions accredited to him are performed against his personal will–but this is something I can’t get over. I will never vote for Obama again. I feel betrayed. I saw the video of Obama shaking Muammar’s hand, hugging him and luring him into the hands of his enemies… I could never see past this trechery!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m born and bred in Africa and I’m the son of the African soil. I’m not a Libyan and as such I’may not be aware of what the Libians went through during Colonnel Gadaffi’s leadership.But that does not stop me from expressing my shear disappointment about the cowardly killing of the man who tampered where many African Leaders feared. The African Union never did any meaningful thing to prevent the invassion of Nato in Lybia. The Union was supposed to interven in Lybia even before the US and UN impose the No Fly Zone in Lybia.The Union kept quiet while the Libyans were being slaughtered by NATO who were motivated by the US.Even after death of the great Lybian leader, the UNION still kept quiet without making even a press statement. What a shame to the African UNION, a UNION of Cowards. Who will deliver Africa from the jaws of US, NATO and her enemies? Even if Gadaffi did all what the NATO, US and their puppets Lybians claimed, he has done, “There is one thing that we should remember, Gadaffi died a president and he was supposed to be given a state funeral and his corpse was not supposed to be disrepected in the manner that was worse than the dog. Remember, his spirit is still there to rule Lybia even though physically he is nolonger there. MY MESSAGE TO THE LYBIANS IS THAT THE END WILL BE WORSE THAN THE BEGINNING. YOU HAVE FAILED TO PROTECT YOUR FATHER WHO SACRIFISED HIS LIFE FOR YOU INTERMS OF DENYING THE WEST AN OPPORTUNITY TO LOOT YOUR NATURAL RESOURCES.NOW THAT THEY HAVE HELPED YOU TO GET RID OF YOUR FATHER ITS PAYBACK TIME.YOU WILL PAY EVEN WITH YOUR LIFE AND BLOOD. COPNGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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