N-Word or N—-R, Be Honest… Do You Say It?

Ok people… let’s have a grown up conversation about the most horrible word ever uttered. Who has said, is saying, and will be using the word n—-r? Should we be mad when white people say it even if they are talking about the word as Barbara Walters is in this video? Is there a difference between how black and white people use the word? Or should we all condemn it even when it is just black people in the room using with each other?

I know nobody will stand up and really confess they use this term… but c’mon man.

3 thoughts on “N-Word or N—-R, Be Honest… Do You Say It?

  1. Kenneth X says:

    The word should be condemed, on this wise. It was used by our former slavemasters children to demean us, it is a shorten version of the word negro. Which came into existence in the 1700s when a legislator stood up and declared “We have cut off all light in which can enter into the slaves mind”. From that day on, we were known as “Negro”, NE=negative GRO=growth, which compounded means, no upward mobility. Thus, any type of leadership that provided the ex-slaves the avenue towards complete freedom, they would kill or slander within his/her own people, while the Jewish leaders or infiltrators setup organizations that did not deal with economic freedom for Blackpeople and used our bodies to gain all avenues of freedom for the so-called Jew and every other oppressed people that came to America. Go and check to see what I write is true or false, if you don’t believe me. It was a convenient word which they could imply to meaning in Spanish “black”. Why isn’t those blacks who are of Spanish speaking called “Negros”? Only American ex-slaves? Every derogatory word of our past used against us should be placed in our history and examined every year during our Black History Month of education.

  2. David C says:

    @Kenneth X
    I do agree with you regarding the use of the n word. It is a word that should be condemed. Barbara Walters – who is a Jew – should never have said the word. It brings up much pain for blacks; a pain that whites will never understand. I know that if Whoopi Goldberg or Sherri Shepard reported on a story about Jews and said the phrase, “Kike”, I’m sure that would touch a strong nerve with Barbara Walters. That word is a derogatory word from the 1940’s that the Germans would use to describe Jews – during that time they murdered 6 million Jews. Which we should never forget.
    If you believe that Jews “used” Blacks, you should check out the Skirball Mueum in Los Angeles. We are two minorities that have always felt each others pain and have always worked together. Jews have not only helped themselves, but have also always helped the Black Community.
    Then we get someone like you who wants to stir up the pot, pin Jews against Blacks and instead of bringing us together you want us divided. Do not put your hatred on the Jewish Community. Do not blame another minority group. Why do you feel the need to do this?

  3. walker27 says:

    The reality is that even if we eliminate the word, the historical collateral damage has been done. We waste time debating frivolous topics such as these!! How about focusing on Black unemployment, incarceration rates, drop out rates, lack of quality parenting. These are systemic issues we should address! In a country that was founded on White supremacy, we will always be N—gas in their eyes. We must uplift ourselves!

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