President Obama Speaks At The Congressional Black Caucus

If you can listen to all 13 minutes do so, if not, go to minute mark 11:00 – 12:30 and share your thoughts on the POTUS’ comments to us.

7 thoughts on “President Obama Speaks At The Congressional Black Caucus

  1. Kenneth X says:

    The enemies of The President are hard to determine today, because any disagreement of the presidents policies and actions are labeled as non-constructive. The problems in America of no jobs, high gas and food prices, housing, racism and so on, those who come against him on them really expose themselves as anti-Obama. Not only becaus of the objection, but the way they object.

    However, his foriegn polices and the lack of his stance on the conditions of the inner cities (that really have a direct connection with foriegn polices) is strongly pitting him against the will of God for His people, if you understand. Africa’s problems that have erupted since The Presidents victory has put him on a course to come after Minister Louis Farrakhan. Don’t take my words as meaningless, you like others will see, that the war with God and our enemies will increase. The wrath of God will continue against our enemies. It’s so much science in this, but this should be enough for you to think over.

  2. Kenneth X says:

    One other thing Earl; Why is it that as Black people we whine and others have legitimate complaints. This man is so disrespectful of Black leadership that it’s just a shame. I am telling you, he is feeling out the water to come after the Minister. But I don’t think he has enough heart or skill.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I really do not understand that person {ken x} he is so off base. Any way i do not know why these people don’t realize that the tea party republicans are the ones that has stopped the President in just about everything that he has tried to do, and by listening to those crazy right wing stations oh my God i can’t stand 45 seconds of that BS it’s all lies to defeat a Black man who could very well accomplish the turn around of our country from despair to Strength and Honor they out right said that they would put our country under to see him fail and we seen that they almost did just that. the republicans that they have to run against him is pity full all of them cannot hold a candle to him also just by chance if he doesn’t get re-elected i bet they would use some of his ideas and strategies for themselves i have plenty more but i know where your link is so i will be posting things. Here is one more C n D Batteries a corp here just finished a renovation of a facility and is talking about moving to Mexico because they cant make a profit but the wages down in Mexico is way cheaper then here why cant we make a descent wage to support our families and have health care it seems like for the American people to want to have a decent job and wage is a reason for these companies to leave that is what the real problem is they do not want us to make a decent wage and keep up with food and just plain living expenses gotta go bed time we will talk.

    Larry H

  4. Amen. Mitt better be snrciog some big points with all of the people that accused him of being a phony republican. While most conservatives, and about 2/3 of the conservatives in Utah (where I live) are wondering whether or not we can even vote for him, Mitt goes and helps him fund raise. Awesome man. GO MITT! MITT 2012!

  5. This was a wonderful ipsiesmrve presentation Yet one introduction was missing a lovely black woman between Adm. John Hutson and Gen. Claudia Kennedy was completely skipped over, it was her moment along with her peers and she just looked down and continued to smile, while Gen. Scott Gration spoke.There was never any correction. I’d like to know who she is. There were only three woman on the stage Gen. Marcelite Harris, Gen. Claudia Kennedy and ?? . Let’s fill in this blank and give her acknowledgement due.Thank you

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