My Exclusive Interview w/Gov. Scott Walker (7.6.11)

After 6 months, I was able to FINALLY get Governor Scott Walker to come on to my radio program. He took the heat I brought from the tough questions provided by my listening audience as well as the ones I had been waiting to ask. Take a listen…

8 thoughts on “My Exclusive Interview w/Gov. Scott Walker (7.6.11)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Earl,
    I responded today on your radio program about whether we should be concerned about the KKK rally in West Allis, on Saturday Sept.3rd at l:00 PM (with location forthcoming). I know I came across fast and furious, and to be honest with you, I do not know why you are not sounding as outraged as I am. I plan to be there to protest peacefully and hope you can get others to see the importance of this. I am a public school teacher in Milwaukee, and when a few students do not handle themselves appropriately, I never think the students’ race is the reason for their behavior. As a community we need to look deeper. The KKK killed people of color, Jews, and Catholics. We all need to be mindful of their actions wherever they rally. I feel, you as a black leader, need to have a fierce sound of anger in your tone with regards to the KKK. The African American community does not hear the seriousness of this. They do follow your lead. Just like we want President Obama to speak for the black voice, I would like to hear you tell them to stand up for their rights. Tell them to get out there with a protest sign that says justice for all, peace for all, jobs and justice.

    Linda (not Glenda) your blue sister.

  2. Why waste your time on the KKK when your time is best spent in the community? We need people to help stuff backpacks to be given out to kids going back to school.
    We need help feeding the homeless, we need help at the library for resume creation help.
    What do you think you will do, change their minds? Make them love Blacks? What do you hope to accomplish at the KKK rally? Seriously all you will do is fuel the fire and anger of us and them. Let’s spend our time in our community doing some real needed things instead of wasting time getting these people the attention they want!
    All they want is for us to go there and act a fool so teh TV cameras can get even more people on TV acting up and giving KKK attention they

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really anonymous?!? How many people did the Catholics kill in the name of God over hundreds of years?!? President Obama is to speak for the black voice?!? Interesting, he’s the President of the United States, so I guess I thought he was supposed to speak for us ALL!!! What a surprise he got elected, not based on merit, but on what he could do for your race…btw, how’s that working out for you guys anyway??? I think the KKK is obviously ignorant, but then when people of color like yourself speak, it makes me wonder, how are you any less racist and ignorant than them?!?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wonder Woman,

    The KKK is a terrorist orginization. They kill inocent American men,women and child for the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, their sexual preference, their disablities and much, much more.
    If Al Qada came to West Allis to spew their nonsensical mumbo jumbo about why other people have to die, would you take a couple of hours out of you day to come out and denounce them, or are you going to talk of the way things should be in your perfect world? Noble causes to help the homeless and kids back to school, but they are terrorists no if and or buts.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Make no mistake people. The KKK is a terrorist orginization that has killed innocent men, women and children of different skin colors, religious beliefs, sexual preference, disability and idealologies. There is NO difference between them and Al Qada. To put your head in the sand and say if we ignore them they will go away is fool hearted.

    If Al Qada came to West Allis to espouse their brand of justice, how many would come out then? Why should the Klan be any different.

    Come out and protest these agents of the devil. You may feel your IQ dropping if you stand to close to them, but it will be a short term effect.

    People aren’t born ignorant, they are taught to be ignorant.

  6. Lucian says:

    This is for the ignorant person who thinks all Catholic’s are scum. How many people have died at the hands of muslims, and communist Atheism you tell me that. Could swor that there is a lot more blood on there hands then the Catholic Church. Who ever you are you should think before you write some thing down.

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