You Won’t See This On American TV, China To Over USA As #1 Economy By ’16 Or Sooner

2 thoughts on “You Won’t See This On American TV, China To Over USA As #1 Economy By ’16 Or Sooner

  1. david says:

    Earl you and I both know your not a fan of capitalism and this is something that we don’t have in this coutry anymore and do to the regulations being placed on business 1.75 trillion a year along with creating more red tape makes it less of an incentive to do business here in our own country. I guess the bottom line is Mr. Obama wants us like Western Europe which is horrible…Yes, they have health insurance for everyone and they have trains and what not. The problem is there upper middle class is about as well off as our lower middle class here. What I mean by that is they have a welfare state over there right now that is very common Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, France Europe as a whole is worse off than even the US is. The only place that is doing have way decent is Germany but outside of that England is terrible. America will be replaced because we going by the way of Socialism that Obama and you so badly want. Meanwhile China, is imbracing capitalism Hong Kong is shinny example of what capitalism looks like when you don’t have gov. interference. Everyone was worried about when the Great Britian handed over Hong Kong that was it. China left it alone and that city is one of the best examples of what it looks like when business is able to do what it has to to give things for it’s people. The rest of China is not that way but there slowly allowing people the freedoms that we enjoy and take for granted. It’s still very restricted but there middle class is now 300 million strong and getting bigger everyday. Meanwhile, we have a president that is spending money we don’t have and make people more depenedent on gov. which is the worse of all worlds. Mr. Obama believe that gov. know best and we can cure all problems. The private sector meanwhile with all the new regulations being place on them it’s at a point where why would anyone want to create a job here. Mr. Obama also begged Tim tax cheat Geithner to continue to run the US Treasury and Ben Bernake Fed Reseve has devalued the dollar by 30% in the 2 1/2 years making our money worthless overseas. This makes our goods cheap for other countries to purchase and give mulitnational companies big money but we have major inflation now which we haven’t had since the Jimmy Carter years. this link shows how dumb high speed rail is. The cost in CA on there train has jumped more than double from 7.1 billion to 13 billion for just the first leg of this train.

    Meanwhile WI is balanced and Walker reforms are working and finally unions have the ability to shop for health insurance when before the unions were forced to buy health insurance that was over inflated that was owned by the union and killing the taxpayer something that the Democrats and Sandy Pasch of the world never passed before until Walker came along. They helped create this mess along with crooked Wall. St.
    In conclusion, we have a president that believes that spending is the way to go and look at what that has gotten us more debt higher unemployment and nothing to show for it. Failed stimulus, failed polcies he has no answers to anything meanwhile China is laughing it’s way to prosperity knowing full well that this president soultiosn is to hammer on business with high taxes and more regulations and making people dependent on the gov. this is just last month what our president did yeah we wonder why jobs aren’t being created here
    yup this will kill 1.4 million jobs due to higher energy costs… thanks Obama for the Hope and Change that you have brought to this country…

    • David – I am not anti-Capitalism. I am against the negative things that Capitalism does such as exploiting the poor, corrupting our political system, bringing inferior products and services to the public domain that will do harm to the very consumers who make them wealthy. Where our biggest confrontation is David is that you overlook all the bad things done by Captialism. You just want to see the sunny things in life… that’s your right, I fight for those and care for those who happen to be the ones impacted on the negative side.

      I can say yes to how I was given a job for 30 plus years and how I am now employed in a second career. I am thankful for the positives of our country. But this is America correct? Can we not debate (vigorously) as to what is right and wrong? Shouldn’t we want things to improve the lives of our fellow Americans or would you prefer to just write them off?

      You know where I stand.

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