Steve Harvey Calls Tavis Smiley & Cornel West Uncle Toms For Criticizing Obama


2 thoughts on “Steve Harvey Calls Tavis Smiley & Cornel West Uncle Toms For Criticizing Obama

  1. Now Steve is taking sides? Consider this Earl. Its a great ideal Tavis traveling America to expose the rampant poverty of this so-called great Nation. On another note you and Mr. West need to find some common ground with President Obama instead of being thorns to his administration. Whether you and Mr. West realize it or not, “Allah (All righteous men working for good.) is the best planner,” and if the two of you are good men, and I believe Obama is a good man, so you both must realize all good men are on the same team. Do not make the mistake of our pass leaders like, W.D. Dubois, Booker T. Washington, and Marcus Garvey,.. Elijah Muhammad, Malcom X, and Martin Luther King who had opposing views to liberate our people while they lived instead of joining forces together against our common enemy.

    Now Steve Harvey. Does this mean Steve has backward aspirations to be a spokes person for the voice of the Black struggle for the liberation of our race from white America. He is not qualified. He must denounce all of his use of derogatory verbage as a comedian and take a trip back to the homeland and apoligize for his use of the N word to entertain his fans during his career as a Court Jester. Richard Pryor and Mooney have denounce the their past use of the word. Steve needs to first get on that boat.

  2. Brother Darryl says:

    As a black man, with a family of 4 children in a household of 6, living in United Snakkkes
    of Amerikkka. I must honestly say President Obama has failed me and my family as a
    black man, as a President and as a candidate I voted for by the following reasons;

    President Obama has shown his true colors. His allegiance to white supremacy has truely
    reared its ugly head. 1. President Obama panders and shuck-n-jives, the Healthcare
    plan by not keeping “public option”. (Remember Michael Moore’s SICKO?)

    2. President Obama bends over to white supremacyby giving banks “bailouts and TARP” with no committee to enforce how money is to be used towards the American People.

    3. President Obama gave money (2x) to AIG whom used it to honor its internal contractual obligations regardless to how much America suffered economically.

    4. President Obama then sucked A## again, and created useless programs that didn’t really work for homeowners, HOPE LINE & Credit Counselling” that really never worked.
    (Now Re-Thug-licans are trying to use ID for voters. Reason; so many lost homes to foreclosures that voted for Obama no longer have permanent residences in “their voting districts”)

    5. President Obama again sucked A## by having a “beer summit” for his “sigma pi phi” professor friend, and ignored Oscar Grant, Adolph Grimes, and Robbie Tolan all similar shot by racist, bigot, white, anglo-saxon kkkops.

    6. President Obama bent over to re-pay PAC donations from Automotive industry in the form of creating “Cash for Clunkers” in-spite of Americans that were still losing jobs. You never really saw mass transit, local state agencies really trading in those Crown Vic. Fords with V8’s nor those Chargers HEMI’s for a Ford Focus, or Honda Hybrid did you?

    7. President Obama again showed his uncle-tom, step-n-fetchit- Boule-Zebra A_s, nature by not filing charges in International World Court or International Criminal Courts against Re-Thuglicans, Tea Party, or GOP’s for holding the American Economy HOSTAGE during Debt Ceiling crisis.

    Steve Harvey is a “coon” in his own nature. His humor always panders to “church lifestyle” to prey upon the weak comedy he uses to get his black audiences. Katt Williams,
    Jack Black, Chris Tucker, and Chris Rock are all much funnier than Steve Harvey. Plus,
    Steve is an arrogant a-hole.

    In closing, I hope we get the most racist, bigot, David Duke, Bob Dole, Rush Limbaugh
    white supremacist as our 2012 President, so black people can wake up and all be on the same page. President Obama still is too far removed from ordinary, main stream, working
    class, middle-class, and poor black people to be of any best interest to All Black People or All People with no JOBS! His agenda is creating a divide and moving towards Rex84. Do you really think the US troops are home for their safety? HELL Nah! They’re home in case of CIVIL UNREST kicks off in this United Snakkkes of AmeriKKKa!

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