Cornel West AND Tavis Smiley Refuse To Say They Will Vote To Re-Elect Obama!

12 thoughts on “Cornel West AND Tavis Smiley Refuse To Say They Will Vote To Re-Elect Obama!

  1. Having done the research myself. I am inclined to feel the same way. I voted for President Obama, but having done my research to see he is so far removed from black people by his membership to Sigma Pi Phi aka The Boule, I have come to realize that President Obama is one of many that pander and are the gate keepers to White Supremacy. So nothing he does now will surprise me. You don’t have to see him at a beer summit to realize he totally ignored average black men, Aldoph Grimes, Oscar Grant, Robbie Tolan, all 3 were victims of the same thing as a college professor. Where was their beer summit held for these famlies? BROTHER DARRYL / Raleigh, NC

    • And so it begins .A great wepneig and wailing and gnashing of teeth will be heard throughout the land.a0 Oh, and blaming of Bush, Romney, Conservatives, et al, will commence.a0 The Marching Morons got what they wanted.

    • your opinions do matetr, and i’m feeling every word of it.i love my people and my president, but we are gonna have to somehow convince him to do better for his people.and by people i’m not just talking black people i mean every single one of us who voted him into office.we have come a long way but yet still have so far to go.many things were promised that we still want to believe on on the way.its not only hard but flat out impossible to fix all that is wrong in this country in just 4 or eight long as we continue to move forward tomorrow will always be better than yesterday.

    • Unfortunately, Mr. Jones is a “Lion in Winter” striking bllindy out in frustration at his failing powers. I thought Jones was a inconsistent but often great actor. Unfortunately, seeing him on Broadway last week in “The Best Man” was very sad. The once great voice is nearly gone and much of his performance seemed concentrated on keeping his dentures in and the drool from pooling in his mouth. Nonetheless, though appearing in a supporting role, he usurped John Laroquette’s perogatives by taking top billing and the final bow – though the Laroquette’s character is obviously the leading character in the play. He has his moments to be sure, but no doubt he is dealing with a great deal of frustration as his powers begin to fail him and he disrespects his colleagues and, in rants like this, tries to claw at a group about whom, most likely, he knows very little. I hope those close to him induce him to retire from the public arena before he further erodes a great legacy.

  2. Obama gave stimulus to the banking industry, automotive industry, and insurance industry. There is no question that this was “repayment” for campaign funds he received. But, the American People suffered. see the proof: or Obama then huckle-bucked back and forth regarding the Healthcare Plan. Again, he had his lips firmly placed on the A” of White Re-thuglicans. After what we noted in Michael Moore’s various movies from Sicko to the one about large banking industries. Then, it was all confirmed by Jessie Venture’s Conspiracy Theory. Obama took out the “public option” then healthcare still was not welcomed by Re-thuglicans. Then again we also saw Tea Party members rally with AK-47 and SKS assault weapons which is a Federal Violation. Peaceful assembly and endangered children with direction of use indirected threat towards Obama.
    Obama did nothing, because fighting Racism nor White Supremacy is an agenda Sigma Pi Phi does. The Boule aka Sigma Pi Phi don’t fight what they are apart of themselves.
    Facts are clear. President Obama Sigma Pi Phi affiliation shows he panders and kisses the A’ of white supremacy. (

  3. Someone please tell President Obama, Austan Goolsbee, or Christine Rohmer, his financial team, to contact the HOPE LINE or get Credit Counseling in order to change the debt-ceiling issue. This problem, all black middle-class families face. Rob Peter to pay Paul. But, Cash for Clunkers didn’t work did it? Tell Obama he should have filed lawsuit against Tea Party and GOP in International Court, or World Criminal Courts. Republicans / Re-thuglicans, Tea Party and GOP are / were in violation of holding the American Economy HOSTAGE. This is a criminal act.

  4. that about Jesse Jackson? Remember WHY he whispered his inomafus nut-cutting remark? His anger was provoked (he said) by Obama’s gutting the faith-based initiatives! And as we’ve since seen, his indignation was righteous and his pessimism/assessment of Obama’s character was right on! Rep. Conyers, who has been in DC, close to the action, since the mid-‘Sixties, (so he ought to know!) said it was Obama, himself, who put Social Security on the table for cutting, and he personally confronted him about it! I, too, still WANT TO BELIEVE what Andrew Young said on the night of Obama’s election, that what we were witnessing, amid tears of joy, was the triumph of faith over fear, grace over greed and vision over violence! But please TAKE NOTE of what has (or has NOT) happened since that glorious night!! The Bush policies remained in place, the wars of mutual destruction actually ESCALATED, droves of families have been (and are still being) devastated and split apart by evictions/foreclosures and deportations which the President could prevent with executive orders and the bankster profiteers (to whom Obama gave cabinet positions and control of the treasury/economy!) along with their friends in Big Pharma and Big Insurance are STILL increasing their power/wealth by bleeding the lower 98% of the people to death! Our President likes to say he’s concerned about the middle class, but does he even KNOW (if he knows, he clearly doesn’t care) that his constituents include members of a LARGER, more vulnerable and desperate class BELOW the middle class? Tavis Smiley is taking action to give those people maybe not you (yet), but me and mine who live considerably below the poverty line a VOICE that they (we ALL!) deserve! PLEASE, LET HIM (and US!) SPEAK UP for our right to equal representation!

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  6. why did they wait till the last minute to avoid the ficasl cliff?now it’s too late, just a bunch of words between the leaders of what ever invited in the WHITE HOUSE,didn’t they think of consequenses, HOSTESS warn them to not give in to the UNIONS, they choose the bad side, that is not their boss who pay their salary, now they are out of a job,who is the boss? he dump them the same way they did for him,you will see that pattern more and more nowReply

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