Fox News Host Eric Bolling Says On-Air President Obama Was “Chugging Forties”

This Fox Business host Eric Bolling clearly attacks President Obama while using racial stereotypes by saying the president was “chugging forties” and “entertaining rappers.” The rhetoric has clearly been over the top since our brother has been in the White House. If this is what they say about President Obama, imagine how they feel about us?


5 thoughts on “Fox News Host Eric Bolling Says On-Air President Obama Was “Chugging Forties”

  1. Denise says:

    that is total BS so what if he is “chuggin Forties and entertaining rappers” thats the beauty of living in this country.He is the president and maybe he enjoys rap music and drinking a beer hell I am gonna Chug one for him he has a hard job with tough choices and he has to unwind like the rest of us. Some folks just need to get off his back. There has got to more important news in this world other than Chuggin forties and rap music I am just sayin.

      • I commend sen obama’s resiratnt when it seemed as if Sen McCain was trying bully him with various statements and aalso trying to qualify himself by stating sen obama just did not understand . Well in Sen Obama’s closing statement or even earlier I was just wished that he would have said the one thing that I do understand is this country cannot go through another 8 years of what we’ve been through. And I believe that a vast majority of America wouldagree with you because it seems as if some are now starting to feel the pinch of recession, the same pinch most Americans have been feeling for the past 2 to 6 years. Something is wrong when you can bail out institutions,banking investment firms, we can even finance a war. But we can’t give ours kids a decent education, we can’t find a way for the elderly to chose between medicine and food and I know why and no one is saying it, there’s no profit in peace, no profit in financing healthcare for young or old no profit. I know that things cost money but you’ll find that you’ll become the biggest arms dealer in the world (President’s real job). Please don’t forget WHO YOU ARE becausethe shoes you about to step into come with many acessories like Masks yes many masks you’ll have to wear. Oops did not mean to sound like Sen McCain but sometimes we as little people really don’t have any say because who’s listening. Those who are in power say that they understand what we are going through. You know in hindsight I’m glad that you don’t understand.

      • Why is it that every time there is a financial sadcanl a new regulatory agency is formed to monitor the practices that should have been monitored by existing agencies? The new Consumer Protection Agency does just that. Does this mean that consumers were not protected before passage of the Act? If so, that’s a sad commentary on how our government works to protect the public. A good example is the Financial Services Oversight Council that was formed, in part, to identify systemic risk. The Act also gives the Federal Reserve new authority to supervise all firms that could pose a threat to financial stability. Isn’t it the practices of the firms that the Fed will supervise that created the systemic risk? Why create a new bureaucracy to monitor behavior and add to the out-of-control budget deficit when the Federal Reserve could have just as easily done the job?

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