What Do You Think Of The Rev. Al 60 Minutes Interview?

The interviewer labled Rev. Al as being friend of the President and the White House… she says for his loyalty they have awarded him with access and assignments. He’s described as the President’s ‘go-to’ black advisor. The interviewer goes on to say he’s decided not to criticize the President because it would aid those who are trying to destroy the President.


3 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of The Rev. Al 60 Minutes Interview?

  1. Kenneth X says:

    May this email finds you, your family and staff in good health and spirit.

    That’s a wonderful post for the Rev. That allows the Rev access to the oval office and bring in concerns of the Black community. It’s a very good move by the Rev and the President. The Black Caucus has that access but they do nothing with it. Other intellectuals have that access and they do nothing with it. Prof. West shouldn’t have access to it, because he has labeled himself an enemy to the President from his ivory tower of Harvard and Princeton. The Rev. has definded himself as a man of tolerance, from laborers, homosexuals and so no. I can not think of no one better that the powers that be would allow him to have.

    Your brother and servent to our people and God

  2. walker27 says:

    as bro Meade so eloquently articulated, its awfully suspicious when a so-called leader is given assignments from the very institution he should be making demands of..we must begin to think critically and question any and everything. our survival and progress depends on it.

  3. I have checked out Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC the past couple of weeks and I have found his program to be very informative. I especially like the format he uses where he cuts right in and corrects any commentator that starts to lie or twist the truth in a way that slanders President Obama. I also listen to his Keeping It Real Streaming radio program. Finally, I will be in DC 27 Aug to support the NAN March for Jobs and Justice.

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