Dr. Cornell West On Ed Schultz TV Show, Obama Is A Black Mascot…

West comes on at minute mark :55 – 5:34.

6 thoughts on “Dr. Cornell West On Ed Schultz TV Show, Obama Is A Black Mascot…

  1. Kenneth X says:

    Greetings and Peace my Brother Earl;

    May this email finds you and your family in good health and spirit.

    Dr. West has a point and I understand his position. However, he is attacking the President far too soon. Mr. Obama, would not and could not win his second term as president if he would take the position that Dr. West want him to take and really again, it’s far too soon. Mr. Obama has skillfully done a masterful job in helping those who are less fortunate, under the none cooperative republican party and some democratic members of both the house and senate. Speaking of the black caucus, when have they represented the interest of black people, the poor and middle class?

    In my honest opinion, Dr. West should direct his energy towards the offensive nature of the republican party and especially the attacks on the president by hatefilled whites, birthers, tea party members, so-called conservative talk shows. The position that Dr. West is taking is the position of a black face, using the so-called black, poor and middle class agenda to make false charges against a man who has an enormous task of saving this country from total destruction brought on my Bush, Clinton, daddy Bush, Reagan and the Fat cats who are controlled by the top 1% representing the top 10%.

    Sincerely, your brother and servant of God and our people
    Kenneth X

  2. drbrotherx says:

    The West Critique: The Folly of Puffed-Up Self Importance

    Apparently, Professor Cornel West has a love-hate relationship with President Obama. Scalding criticism of the President coming from the mouth of Dr. West stands in stark contrast to the visual imagery of a fawning Dr. West that immerges whenever he is in the actual presence of Mr. Obama. The incongruity of these two versions of Dr. West merits a close reading of the article “The Obama Deception: Why Cornel West Went Ballistic” by Chris Hedges of Truthdig.com. The major premise of Dr. West’s argument is that Mr. Obama has made a Faustian bargain with the Wall Street oligarchs and the corporate plutocrats for the sole purpose of holding on to the reigns of presidential power, and Mr. Obama lacks the requisite vertebrae to stand up to these powerful predatory economic forces that are inflicting pain on the vulnerable masses. While Dr. West’s scathing critique of Mr. Obama bears some verisimilitude, the timing and the tone of his critique is indiscreet, and judging from the internecine nature of his comments, he appears motivated less by his professed concern for the dismal plight of the suffering masses but more by hubris and a desire to get even for what he perceives as a personal presidential slight.
    The inherent weakness in Dr. West’s critique of Mr. Obama rests not in any defect in his argument; its weakness lies in the presentation of that argument; its validity has been questioned primarily because it is an argument couched in vitriolic personal rhetoric. As a case in point, Dr. West’s references to Mr. Obama as a “puppet” and a “black mascot” are not criticisms of Mr. Obama’s policies; they are criticisms of Mr. Obama’s character. This approach is no way to gain Mr. Obama’s trust and confidence in the wisdom of Dr. West’s counsel. Although, it is certainly true Mr. Obama has veered away from many of the popular stances that propelled then candidate Obama into the White House; furthermore, he has also resorted to consolidating his grip on the presidency by courting the very same Wall Street oligarchy he once vilified.Who can blame him though? In the true spirit of American democracy, it’s campaign time and there are alliances to be formed and contributions to be had from the corporate plutocracy. During the first campaign, many of us waxed teary-eyed as we fell asleep and dreamed that we were witnessing the second coming of the Messiah, only to emerge from our celestial bliss awakened to the earthly reality that we were once again in the presence of yet another Caesar. The imagery of the messianic figure, the heroic charismatic champion of the poor and downtrodden has been largely supplanted by a kind of the clay-footed figurine idol, a consummate political pragmatist. Such is the landscape of American politics, a landscape where unrealistic delusions spawn realistic disillusionment. No one should be surprised, least of all such career public intellectuals as Dr. West.
    Part of the angst that Dr. West feels must certainly derive from his disillusionment with Mr. Obama; the other part comes from the realization that his wounds are self-inflicted. After all, it was he who allowed his judgment to become impaired by the seductive allure and the intoxicating prospect of gaining access to power in the form of a newly minted African American president. He saw himself assuming the exalted role of Counselor to the President. He saw himself as a twenty-first century version of Frederick Douglass to Mr. Obama—the presumed twenty-first century version of Abraham Lincoln. In spite of all the personal campaigning he did on behalf of Mr. Obama, he couldn’t even score a ticket to the inaugural dance or even a presidential courtesy call. No wonder, he is frustrated. His instinctive reaction was to misinterpret Mr. Obama’s stiff-arming as a personal insult, rather than as part of a broader calculus of political expediency similar to the stratagem employed during the stiff-arming of Reverend Wright. And like a jilted lover who has been inexplicably kicked to the curb, Dr. West, through his questioning Mr. Obama’s blackness, has sought retribution on a very personal level by targeting his attacks on what may be the soft underbelly of Mr. Obama’s psyche, his sense of racial identity. Such pettiness on the part of Dr. West is not only unbecoming of someone of his stature, it undermines the validity of his argument; while at the same time, it threatens to fracture the political solidarity of the African American community and the prospects of a second term Obama Presidency. The prospect of a second term Obama Presidency, a prospect which admittedly lacks the “audacity of hope” luster of the first, is still a far more attractive alternative to any version that the neo-fascist Tea Party Republicans would offer. Dr. West should hold his fire until the advent of a more appropriate time.

    Brother X

  3. Denise says:

    Everyone wants to blame the presidents for the mess that we are in.Has anyone ever stop to think what have I have I done to create this problem. Everyone wanted the stock market and Financil instutions to be deregulated and everyone was happy when everyone was making money. When was it ok to borrow from you home and live on credit cards and giving credit to knowingly uncredit worthy people? Now we know why they were regulated in the first place. Its time we take back our country and make the government what it was meant to be a right of passage for being a citizen of this country giving back and taking care of our own and not asking for the government to fix our problems. I remember a time when neighbors helped each other out and looked out for one another and it didnt matter what race you were. We need to get back to that

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