WI State Rep. Jason Fields’ Strong Comments To State Assembly

Listen here:

I spent a part of yesterday’s show speaking about Rep. Fields comments to the state assembly and then his vote. I received this audio clip earlier today and wanted to let you all hear it for yourselves.



7 thoughts on “WI State Rep. Jason Fields’ Strong Comments To State Assembly

  1. david says:

    You know I think he really has a of anger and to be honest it’s about time someone should something from the city. However, this blame should not be just at the lawmakers feet. I have issues with a school district that rakes in 1.2 billion dollars a year and has little to show for it. While Walker has cut 75 million it’s nothing compared to how the teachers/parents with all this money how they have used it carelessly. I still haven’t seen the unions reopen there contracts and they never have kicked in a dime to there pension for 50 years. I have issues with the fact that of every dollar only 20cents of it goes to education the other 80cents is insurnace/pension/salary which has nothing to do with teaching. This system at MPS has been broken for decades now and it’s shows no signs letting up. The African American population in the city needs to stop looking for the gov. for help it’s time for some real leaders in the city to tell the people the only way your going to get out of your hell hole of a situation is to demand that everyone makes there kids go to school and to make sure the teachers demand the best from there students. There is responsbility here and while Jason Fields talks and complains at his lawmakers he should be directing his anger at others. There (lawmakers) are not responsible for parents that don’t show up to school meetings. There not responsible for kids not doing there homework. There not responsible for kids not showing up to school. It’s time to point the blame and that blame is for people in the central city that are making bad decisions that have not only short term consequences but long term as well. I’m tired that money seems be the big issue and that Walker is the one for the blame unions suck up a majority of the money from the kids. I don’t feel sorry for a school district that gets over a 1billion dollars plus for 80 thousand kids…it’s disgusting and that people in the African American community don’t demand more and always point the blame to others you are giving a chance you need to make the most of it. Gov. is not the solution people it’s your desire and decisions that will give you a chance and if you don’t believe in yourself then know one will then….

  2. David says:

    Btw the amount of money that MPS gets equals not only to the NY Yankees payroll but you can toss in the Phillies, Red Sox, Angels, White Sox, Cubs, Mets, Giants..the number 1 through 8 teams highest payrolls with an extra 50 million you can have the entire Indians roster playing for you….that is how much money MPS spends in 1 year to teach kids that might have a 50/50 chance in graduating which is as good as flipping a coin…..that to me is disgusting and disturbing the next time people complain we don’t spend enough on education you can also take the Yankees payroll and have 6 more of them just like it I think that should put in perspective how much education is costing us, and how little return were getting for it…

  3. Brother X says:

    To David,
    You made several interesting points, some of which I am in agreement and some of which I am not. I will attempt to address them point by point.
    First, you seem to believe Rep. Jason Fields’ anger is displaced, and that it should be directed toward his own constituents rather than his fellow lawmakers. I respectfully disagree.
    While I can’t speak for Rep. Fields, it seems to me that he is vehemently challenging the sincerity of his legislative colleagues in addressing the plight of African American males in our community. Hmmm, given Milwaukee’s checkered history of cordial racial relations, the recent decimation of public funding to the city, and the targeted erosion of local control over matters affecting the city (i.e. residency), I wonder how he could possible question their sincerity?
    Second, if I understand you correctly, you appear to place the blame for an underperforming school system squarely on the backs of the selfish teachers, their greedy unions, and the irresponsible African American parents of the Central city. Again, I must disagree.
    On the hand, it would be hard to deny that MPS has some dysfunction. On the other hand, saddling the teachers’ union and so-called bad parents with all of the responsibility for its decline is at best an overstatement and at worst an artful fabrication. MPS and the community it serves do not live in a vacuum. The economy of the Midwest has been in decline for the past several decades; unfortunately, MPS and the African American community have been disproportionately impacted by this decline. Teachers are not magicians; they can’t wave their hands and solve all of their students’ problems. Attacking the teachers and drying up the funding for MPS is no solution; it will only exacerbate existing problems.
    Third, given your presumed disgust at all the money that is being “wasted” on educating students in MPS, one could infer that you think the money would be better spent providing lucrative salaries for” underpaid” professional baseball players.
    You also stated that: “of every dollar only 20 cents of it goes to education the other 80 cents is insurance/ pension/ salary which has nothing to do with teaching.”
    I find your use of these dubious statistics and fallacious baseball analogies to be a little disingenuous because that would be a little like saying “for every dollar spent 20 cents of it goes to baseball [with] the other 80 cents going to compensating the players, the owners and their staff.” So my question would be: “who do you think makes baseball possible, if not the ‘unionized’ players?” And “who do you think makes education possible, if not the ‘unionized’ teachers?” So isn’t it only logical to expect that the bulk of the money spent educating students would go to the very same people doing the educating?
    As for teachers and unions, instead of making the teaching profession a less attractive option for the intellectually gifted by reopening teachers’ contracts and eroding their compensation packages, why not take some of those billions of dollars that go into compensating professional baseball teams that society does not need, and redirect it toward properly employing, educating, and benefiting people in the society—something that society does need? Oh, I forgot, we can’t do that; that would be socialistic.

    Fourth, “Government is not the solution; government is the problem” (Ronald Reagan).
    I agree, somewhat.
    This quote has become a hackneyed threadbare cliché. But unfortunately, it seems to be true, especially if it is a government run by Republicans.
    And lastly, you pulled out the old staid “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” argument.
    Well, this argument only holds up when you have bootstraps and some boots in which to put them. It does not help when you have people holding the reigns of state government, such as the current gangster regime, who are intent on not only taking the few scraps the poor have but also on preventing them from developing the knowledge and skill needed to acquire bootstraps and boots in the future.
    David, I’m a product of MPS. I’ve had some bad teachers and I’ve had some good ones. It is people with attitudes like yours that remind me of some of the bad ones, but I did not let the bad ones hold me back.
    Thank God for the good ones.
    David, by the way, where did you go to school?

  4. David says:


    My attitude is towards better education. I am calling out that MPS needs to get it’s act together. There are good teachers and bad teachers. I want some of those bad teachers replaced with good ones. Because it is unionized that will not happen it doesn’t reward good teachers for doing a good job and it doesn’t punish bad teachers for doing a bad job. Right now everyone is equal which sounds good but in reality you know, and I know that is not the case but because your in a union everyone is equal.

    I called in on the radio the other day when Dr. Bonds was on Earl’s show. I asked him a direct question about how much benefits eat up the 1.2 billion dollar budget. He said it recently got reduced to 70 cents per dollar which leaves on 30 cents for the classroom. The 80 cents that I was quoting was what it use to be. According to Dr. Bonds with the new health plan they were able to push that number roughly down a dime. This is a start he said and we will try to do better. The only reason why there doing better is that they have less money to work with. For MPS to have alomst 3/4 of it’s spending going to anything but teaching is not educating the kids. You state were drying up MPS…So we go from 1.2 billion to a shade over 1.1 billion is not drying up in eyes. The cut is roughly 7%. Keep in mind the budget has gone up everyyear and enrollment as recently as 1998 was 100k. So don’t you think if you have a 21% reduction in kids since 1998 there should have been some reduction in MPS budget? It was 87k back in 2007 which is now standing at 79K today?

    I was using the baseball analogy to try to explain how much money MPS budget is in comparison. Taxpayers in MKE which is consider a small market city for sports is footing the bill that you could have the top 8 baseball teams fully paid and still have another 40 million to do whatever you wanted. You make my point a little better that baseball is unionized and look at how bloated the salaries are in baseball. Do you honestly think that baseball would not be in business if we didn’t have a union? You think we need unions to have teachers? I strongly disagree. The are many teachers right now that don’t work for unions that are good. There are people that play professionally around the world and USA that play a sport and are not in a union. Do tennis players, golfers, horse racing, Nascar,ice skaters, and other sports have unions? No, they don’t and guess what people still join those professions

    You point out the midwest as seen and economic decline. Yes, it has but did that mean that MPS or any other big city school districts in the midwest adjust there budgets accordlingly? No, they didn’t they actually just tax and spend more saying that this will fix the problem. I am going after MPS because that is the by far the biggest school system in our state with the most problems. People say with no jobs we should have higher crime. Guess, what since we hired a new police chief he is not using that excuse and crime is down in MKE even though MKE is worse off economic wise. Is crime still and issue yes but when times were better there were a lot more murders, robberies and the like and now it down quite a bit from the all time highs. Yes, the Milw police have good and bad cops but

  5. David says:

    I am laying blame on the unions, teachers, parents,alderman everyone that supports a broken down MPS system. I want better education not worse. I called Earl’s show the other day and Dr. Bonds was on and stated point blank asked him how much of the 1.2 billion budget goes towards pension,health insuracnce and what not. He stated we recently got down to 70 cents out of every dollar which means you have only 30 cents goes toward the student itself.
    You stated were drying up MPS well I guess going from 1.2 billon to shade over 1.1 billion is not drying up to me. I think it’s a reduction that equals roughly 7% of the total pie. Keep in mind as recently as 1998 MPS had 100k for enrollment and 2007 87k. So don’t you think that MPS should have had some sort of reductions for there budget in there somewhere. So, a 3 1/2 years we have 10%reduction in enrollment and 21% decline since 1998 shouldn’t the budget have had some cuts along the way?

    I pointed out the baseball analogy because with MPS budget that would support the payroll’s of the top 8 teams in baseball with 40 mil to go around. You point out that there are unionized is that such a great thing? NBA,MLB,NFL there getting a ton of money to play a kids game….There are tons of people that play sports that are not unionized and do just fine. Golf,tennis,car racing,horseracing,skiing,bowling and guess what there are non unionized teachers as well…
    Your stated comment the current gangster is taking the boots and bootstraps away no there not there is still 1.1 billion plus coming there way just for a fiscal year. Out of that amount 800 million goes towards the teachers/unions and 300 million goes toward the kids. So who is taking more of the boots/straps away out of that pile of money?

    To me your afraid of the changing the status quo and as an person you should be saying what’s going on here rather than just look at cut with wow the Republicans are bad. To me you thought process is that if you take money away your not going to educate the kids. Your complaining that a 7% reduction means the sky is falling we don’t have anything. That’s an poor excuse for barely acknowledging that MPS has an F Grade in teaching kids. I’m using that term because we use percentages all the time. If you get 50 to 55% correct answers on an exam that is going to earn you an F…We should demand better and we have raised budgets at mps some year with some getting double digit increases with decreased enrollment. I’m attaching a link here.. http://www.wpri.org/Reports/Volume22/Vol22No8/Vol22No8.html I think you and both agree that education is important. You say I’m attacking teachers well again I am pointing out more than that it’s a total failure in the entire city. People need to realize this is not working we need to work better on things and get the kids educated and the only way your going to do that is break this cycle of that more money is going to cure what ills MPS…It hasn’t worked this process. You eat to much you get fat and if you eat right you more than will be healthy in the long run…

  6. Les says:

    I’m so tied of David,when I listen to the radio,there’s David…I decieded to check out the site an here’s David,if David know so much about everything why don’t David get out there an do something instead of all this lip service.I never hear him say ,I’m trying to get this or that going or I’ve started this kind of service but he always chimes in talking about the way HE SEE IT,the way he see it most of the time nobody else see it that way,David lighten up man, nobody wants to hear your… HI EARL THE WAY I SEE IT IS.

    • David says:

      @Les….I’m not giving lip service and I find your comments insulting. My family has been in the city of Milw for over a 100 years trying to make it a better community. Just because I’m not on TV or the radio with my own show doesn’t mean I don’t do anything. I have investing a lot of money into the city by fixing and creating an enviroment where some local buisnesses can open up hire people and give people jobs. I have taking a risk in investing a city that is anti-business and the reason why I have done this is because I have loved the city of Milw since I was a kid. I am cheerleader trust me to people that I go visit to and when they come here I am always talking up MKE. I married a woman from Chicago and she loves MKE and so does the rest of the family. I have convinced a few businesses from Chicago to open up shop in MKE who were not even interested in coming to MKE.
      I come on Earl’s show to vent my frustration and the lack of direction from the city gov in general. I am giving my opinion as a person that cares about the city and I have volunteered my time in giving back to the city as well. I have served on 2 boards in the city that I volunteered my time without getting a time in compensation along with helping out the Red Cross in MKE. I have donating money to various charities food, clothing and giving blood to the central city. I also have asked Earl directly off the air in helping some of his causes out….So while you rip me and attack me and you don’t want to hear me realize that yeah if I didn’t care I wouldn’t be calling in his show giving maybe a different perspective. I’m getting tired though how i’m the bad guy and i’m this and I’m that and you can have your opinion and I respect that but taking cheap shots at me I’m not going to sit here while your in the peanut gallery going after me for know reason. So, while you say “I got to get out there” I involved in the community more than you know and Earl can vouch for me on that one so LES I do care, and that’s why I chime in as you say….

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