Dr. Cornel West on the Problem of Black Suffering

As only the  great Dr. Cornel West can say… listen to him talk about Black Suffering.


3 thoughts on “Dr. Cornel West on the Problem of Black Suffering

  1. Brother Kenneth says:

    The problem with Black America is that it exist without substance. That we continue to try to squeeze into the whitemans’ society instead of making a society of our own. This brother is one of our great, but great at what. He seem to me that he wants attention for his weak minded views of our own suffering based on his education. He influence me in no way, I believe he is a hireling for those who pays his salary. NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL WITH HIS VIEW OF OUR CONDITION!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    understand america, the minute that blacks talk about racism they want to stop the argument. And, also stop debate. they fear that the real truth may come about and the myth that whitety has been keeping them down will come to fruition. a good idea to go by, if they call something racist, they know somewon, is lying and they know ist’s untrue!

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