What I Saw & Experienced At The Gun Show Shocked Me

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I went to the gun show at the Milwaukee County Sports Complex in Franklin, WI last weekend with a good friend. Neither of us had ever attended one of these events so we thought it’d be an experience to see what they were all about. To our surprise, we saw some other black people and other people of color. The majority of attendees were white and all of the vendors selling weapons, ammunition and other items were white also.

I never saw so many guns and knives in my entire life. The size and power of the guns were incredible. The vendors told us stories about the guns and other collectibles that just blew us away!

There were a few things that troubled me. First, the Nazi memorabilia being sold was frightening. All I could think of is that people are collecting these horrible things. Then I thought, people are profiting by selling this gargbage. Second, a private gun seller approached my friend and me offering to sell his 2 handguns he was walking around with (see pic of man in Packers sweatshirt). He told us we could by his guns and take them home tonight and surpass the required 48 hours waiting period enforced on the licensed gun sellers at the show. All he needed to really know is if we were felons or not. Can you believe how easy that is to get a gun legally? Third, just seeing all these people (attendees and vendors) walking around with their guns was an experience. Lastly, it was just a negative vibe being in that building with all those weapons.

We were able to capture a couple minutes of the event on film before one of the event organizers approached us and told us we had to shut the camera off. I’ll post that video after it’s uploaded to YouTube for you to see. As we were leaving, we stopped by a table which held flyers of upcoming gun shows around the state. I picked up over 10 flyers advertising shows in the surrounding areas.

Something isn’t right America.


5 thoughts on “What I Saw & Experienced At The Gun Show Shocked Me

  1. Brother Kenneth says:

    Jesus put it like this; You are of your father the devil and the lust of your father you shell do, he was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth. Go look at their movies of violence. The Holy Quran, calls them; bloodshedders and mischiefmakers. They can not help themselves.

    • nebraska bloggrass I am not auigrng for a lot of security guards. You can do the math, but when you have a public place only a very small percentage of people have to have permit to have the place covered. Let me help you out though, if 3 percent of people have permitted concealed handguns, on average one out of every 33 people will be able to be their to protect themselves and others.

    • Ah might want to amend that to say, in case I might NEED to shoot someone There have been a few times when the want raeisd its ugly head the the NEED is always the deciding point. The need is self defense, of course. Only NEEDED to shoot once in the last 32 years. And if I never need to do so again, it will be just fine with me.

  2. PavePusher says:

    What is “not right” about Civil Rights?

    P.S. While Nazi antiques are certainly not my cup’o’tea, in historical terms, it’s no different than collecting any other old junk. I know lots of people who collect such items, including American war memorabilia. Every one of them detests actual Nazi’s, but has a reverence for history. They are merely practicing the old saying “Never forget.”

  3. PavePusher says:

    P.P.S. The picture of our President’s head on a Nazi party members body is certainly distastefull in the extreme. Unfortunately, free speech has a price. I do not think many people would like going to the other end of the spectrum.

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