Video: Me At The Gun Show

10 thoughts on “Video: Me At The Gun Show

  1. PavePusher says:

    OMG, please get some safety training in how to handle firearms before you do that again. Any time someone sweeps me at a gun show, they get an earful and a warning to never do it again.

    P.S. Those were not M-16’s (which are full-auto, i.e. ‘machine guns’, and highly restricted), they were AR-15’s the civilial-legal semi-auto only rifle, no different than any other semi-auto rifle. They are actually fairly low-power compared to the average hunting rifle.

  2. sharon thomas says:

    Hi Earl: I heard a portion of your show and it was so very bone chilling, I turned to another station. Lately, I’ve been listening to Christian radio, but I continue tuning to 1290 because I believe it’s a good source of information for our community. I’m glad that I found this website now I understand the complete story you were sharing yesterday.

    I listen to Christian radio, because I am daily hearing men and women of God pleading with our community to turn back to the Lord and his word. The Bible has predicted what type of things which will occur in these last days of the Church age.. Some of them are about violent weather and cold hearted and greedy people who lack concern towards others. It speaks about the disobedience of our children and how people would fall into lawlessness, etc. I wish more men of God would call you and would share what the Lord tells us to do to survive evil and violent situations. I hold on to 2nd Chronicles 7:14, which tell God’s people what we need to do in order for him to heal our land. In order for him to do this, we need to humble ourselves, pray and seek his face and turn from our wicked ways. I keep hearing Black Leaders say, “we need to do this or that,” but the WORD of God says, “We can do NOTHING without him. If we choose not to take heed, then we will be witnessing things much, much worse than what you saw at that gun show.

    • Brother Kenneth says:

      Sister Earl is a godly man, who does rely on men of God for not only the word of God but the guidence of God. Earl show has been telling us what’s going on daily. I have listened to the Christian show and they tell us as indiviuals but not telling us of what’s going on NOW and what must be done to reward us in and on time. I respectfully request sister that you should listen more to Earl’s show and not turn away because you are scare of what’s going on NOW. You listen long enough, you will find an answer to what must be done.

  3. Brother X says:

    We should be careful not to demonize lawful gun use and gun ownership. Responsible gun use and ownership is not in and of itself a bad thing. The ability to possess and skillfully use firearms has historically proven to be instrumental in providing a means of acquiring food and enabling self defense that might otherwise not be available. Personally, I would like to see someone start a gun club and open a shooting range in the black community. We could teach our people how to safely and responsibly operate firearms. Developing a healthy respect and understanding of firearms just might lead to a reduction in some of the senseless violence in the city.

    • Brother Kenneth says:

      We don’t need no more guns nor the desire to have them in our community. What we need are avenues of truthful education in order to create jobs for ourselves instead of going to the whiteman and begging him for a job. We need good fun, less fast fun joints, we need places for our young to go to become law-bying people and mingle with each other as responsible men and women. WE DON’T NEED TO ACT LIKE WHITE PEOPLE, THEY LOVE THEIR GUNS AND DOGS.

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