Sarah Palin Thinks North Korea Is America’s Ally

3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Thinks North Korea Is America’s Ally

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  2. Zieber says:

    what a dull observation. There have been many comeback kids – and I think it would be more appropriat­e to compare Bill to Obama in terms of the Presidenti­al campaign. Two fairly unknown democrats taking the nomination and then the general. however they are not very much alike. And Sarah is nothing like Bill – not her personalit­y, her politics, her intellect, her attitude toward the press, or even her political trajectory­. By the time she runs for President she will be very well known, having already run for Vice President. She was plucked from obscurity by John McCain; Bill did it all by himself. Drivel, Matthews. Come up with something better, you’re smarter than this.

    • earl ingram jr. says:

      There are well respected republicans who see what you don’t see . Sara Palin is a low level entertainer who has been exposed many times, as not very bright or well versed on national or international politics or policy. She has as much a chance to become the republican nominee as James T. Harris

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