Bishop Long’s New Birth Missionary Baptist church members speak out


2 thoughts on “Bishop Long’s New Birth Missionary Baptist church members speak out

  1. There are just too many red flags that go up in this situation and because there are huge amounts of money floating around, WHO was going to upset the applecart! In my humble opinion, this is BIGGER than it appears to be due to the fact that SOMEONE knew something about it and said nothing!

    Read my complete take on it here:

    Lance Scurv

    “America’s Most Outspoken Artist”

  2. O/T I figured you would want to see this.

    From The Daily Kos:

    Despite firm denials by Tim Dake, leader of Wisconsin’s Tea Party organizations, the voter caging plot between the Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity and the Republican Party of Wisconsin exposed this week by One Wisconsin Now, is directly targeting university students – most notably voters at UW-Milwaukee Sandburg Hall, which made up 95 percent of the ward’s 2008 vote total.

    Earlier this week, the GrandSons of Liberty website, run by Dake, posted a “revised draft plan” in response to One Wisconsin Now’s release of audio recordings, transcripts and strategy documents it obtained which detail a possibly-illegal voter caging plan. The document, whose properties indicate it was created last night at 9:56 p.m., says “AFP has mailed first 500 to Milwaukee districts 39, 60 and 62. Additional mailing as funding is obtained.”

    Ward 39 is the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In 2008, 1,891 of the 1,966 votes cast in that ward came from 3400 Maryland Avenue, the Sandburg Residence Hall, which houses 2,700 students.

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