The View: Why Do Black Women Refuse To Wear Their Hair Natural?

I think I’ll have to have some women on to discuss this issue.


4 thoughts on “The View: Why Do Black Women Refuse To Wear Their Hair Natural?

  1. I would love to hear dialogue around this topic. I think that Black women have grown a lot when it comes to their hair but I also think there is still the desire to have it ‘long and flowing” and I think that was the psychology that Whoopi was trying to expound on. I have worn my hair in all types of styles, I wear wigs, especially in the winter. My wigs are not necessarily long and flowing. My personal favorite my “Angela Davis Afro”, I love it, you would be surprised the remarks that I get as a result of wearing it from whitefolk and the almost embarrassing look on the faces of Blackfolk. Earl, you wouldn’t believe it. but please let me know when you put this one together, I would love to hear what Milwaukeeans have to say about it. Black women are very different from any other women when it comes to their hair due to the versatile ways that they can do their hair. Our hair is also tied up to our politics, as has been demonstrated over the decades. Mostly, whatever is popular in politics or fashion is how Black women rock it. Today, LOCS are a fashion statement that really doesn’t say anything, years ago, wearing a “natural” meant that you were recoginzing and embracing who you were as a descendant of African people. Today, the natural stills carries that theme, however braids and locs are different just as the “AFRO” is merely a fashion statement, they have nothing to do overall with our position on Blackness in America.

  2. Brenda says:

    I have been wearing my hair natural for almost 10 years. Its not short, however, I can shape it to appear short. I can comb it into a pony tail and place an afro piece over it. I live in the subtropics, I am pre menopausal and exercise regularly. I say that to say, I do a lot of sweating. I love my Hair. I get more compliments, especially from black men, about my hair. I have a husband who loves my choice as well. Most of my girlfriends also wear natural styles now. We did not all decide to make the change, it just happened. Everyone grew tired of the bondage at the same time. No hair dressers with bad attitudes and disrespect for your time, no rolling and setting of the hair everynight, no excuses for not attending functions or entertainment that might require getting a little wet, and not to mention the amount of money saved. No more chemicals for me, ever.

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