Singer Robert Plant Refers To R&B As ‘Spook’ Music On NBC Today Show


3 thoughts on “Singer Robert Plant Refers To R&B As ‘Spook’ Music On NBC Today Show

  1. Robert Plant used the English term spook to mean spooky or dark music, it was not the American racist term. the American term he used doesn’t have the same meaning in England, it isn’t derogatory over there. They had a tv show over there that was called that, but when the program came across the pond, the title was aptly, changed to MI5.

    • So if I were to go on TV in England and used a so-called American term that would be considered offensive to the Queen or English citizens it would be understood correct? Not buying it my friend. I’m a Black American and what Plant said isn’t cool with me. This is America, not England. Those brothers over there my be ok with it, but the brothers in America aren’t. Thanks for your comment Brandon.

      • Earl, he knew exactly what he was saying. But it is so common place to use disparaging remarks about black people that the only ones who will notice it are Black people. That table talk in their homes. There is a big difference between spook and spooky as I have heard one excuser say. I really don’t give a damn about what people say about a race card, the truth is that there is one in the deck to be played in the FIRST place. Jessie Jackson has NEVER lived down “hymie town” and Farrakhan either. Jews don’t have it, why should we? When Black people notice what we are not SUPPOSE to as a disparage against us, we are accused of “playing the race card”. Well guess what, because the American people are the way they are, I got a deck full of them and will not HESITATE to call any of you out when you saying something that is offensive. I don’t care how mundane it may be to you, how petty it may be to you or whether you GET IT or not. As a Black person, I am not going to let anyone slide with one of their “slips of the tongue” and think they are going to not get checked, IMMEDIATELY. Our problem is that we don’t check white folks and any other folks from using disparaging remarks against Black people. The only reason it is obvious that whites do it is because they speak the English language, but trust me, Latinos, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, and others have their disparaging words for us in their language. Having made a study of them, I check them too, but most Black don’t know when they are being insulted by other groups because of the language. The bottom line is that Black people are the target for all disparage in this country and WE ARE NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE. So hell yeah, we get insulted and tell you about it too.

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