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About No Wedding No Womb!

No Wedding No Womb! (NWNW) is a declaration and acknowledgement that the out-of-wedlock situation in the black community has reached a critical mass. It is a call for both men and women to take into account the trauma that motherless or fatherless children experience when procreating is taken so cavalierly. The scars are long-term, and often for life.

The ideal for kids is to have a functional household where both parents are committed to providing financial and emotional support to their kids.

But NWNW doesn’t NECESSARILY equate to marriage, per se, but commitment–a lifelong partnership between mother and father. Both are “married” to the idea that a two-parent household is better than a single, struggling one. Of course there are exceptions, but they do not make the rule.

No Wedding No Womb! also fights against the normalization of baby momma and daddy-ism. Clearly as a whole, this mentality is NOT working for us as a community.

On September 22, 50-100 bloggers, writers, teachers, social workers, authors and journalists (and counting) will decry in tandem–no unison–that enough is enough. Our future depends on adults planning families responsibly.

Click here to see a complete list of bloggers/writers supporting NWNW.


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